Chapter 27

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"Oi, Aria, please stop the mofumofuing at that. Mimily is somewhat convulsing already, you know?"

"That's tremble of great joy, right, Mimily-san?"

There's no answer. Mimily is just lying down as if a corpse.

"Mimily-san!? It's bad, Mimily-san is fainted!!"

Aria fl.u.s.teredly shakes Mimily's shoulders.

And then, the starting to awake Mimily immediately shoves Aria away and hides behind my back.

"Aria, hate."

"Wh, why?!"

Being hated by Mimily, Aria receives a great shock to the point almost crying.

"Have you forgotten what you just did to me?"

"Didn't Tetsuya-san also mofumofued you?!"

"When I told you guys to stop, Tetsuya stopped, but you didn't. That's why, hate, Aria."

"N, no... I'll definitely hold myself back next time! I'll hold myself back when mofumofuing you, so please forgive me!!"

"No. not forgiving."

The usually easy to forgive Mimily, seems like this time she's really angry.

She says so with a stern tone.


"Even if you cry, it's still no go."

"Wie~n, wie~n!"


Mimily is taken aback at Aria's cry act.

However, as I thought, Mimily sure is kind to the core.

Approaching the crying Aria, she caress Aria's head, and soothe her down.

"Please don't cry. I'm not mad anymore. I won't ever hate you, Aria."

"R, really...? Are we still friends from now on...?"

"Best friend forever."

"Thank you! From now on, I'll hold myself back and only mofumofu you once in two days!"

"If, if it's only that much...."

Once in two days is still acceptable, huh.

Then, I should do it around that extent too, huh.

"It's good that you both have reconciled again. Then, try to look below a bit. It's the royal capital."

"Throwing up it all?"

"Mimily. Put such joke aside, it's royal capital, you know?"

When I say so, the just reconciled Aria and Mimily look down from the tip of the bed.

The one below us is a giant town.

"Wha, it's really royal capital! When did we arrive here?!"

"When you were mofumofuing me...."


When they went 'kyakya!' and 'ufufu', I was staring dagger at the map, and drove the bed here, all by myself.

Seems like I've got pretty used to this world, huh.

Nevertheless, royal capital sure is huge.

How many the population here, I wonder?

There's a castle in the middle of the town, with rampart around it.

Looks hard to invade it.

"The population at Vernegal Royal capital is around fifty thousands, you know?!"

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