Chapter 25

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The three of us jump up with a superhuman strength, and send flying kick toward the squid.

Those kicks that speeds are by far surpa.s.s the speed of sound, not just the kicked part, it gives shockwave to the squid's whole body, and blasted it into pieces in one blow.

Right now, fresh squid sashimi are scattered around the seash.o.r.e.

Doesn't look that appetizing, though.

"...I never thought you guys to be this strong."

Descending from her dragon, Rosetta-san makes a somewhat nervous face before the three of us.

Well, after haughtily saying "I'm a Nifrea Royal Knight!" and "This task is impossible for you guys", in the end Rosetta-san wasn't be any help at all, after all.

If I were at Rosetta-san's shoes, then I'll make a hole on the sandy beach and seclude myself there.

However, the three of us, actually there's none of us who got stronger through any proper method.

I leveled up just by taking a step, where Aria and Mimily were getting stronger after having a kiss with we, after all. And the effect also should be almost reaches its limit already.

That's why, Rosetta-san who could reach level 70 through training is the most amazing one, but... telling her the truth would only makes it more complicated so let's just keep quiet about it.

Or rather, to leveled up just by walking, I'm sure no one would believe it.

"Well, Rosetta-san, that's because you distracted the squid's attention that we were able attack its weak point, you know? It's team play, team play."

"Th, that's right! There's nothing to be worried about!"

"With this I'm sure I've proofed that I'm not small."

Wait, Mimily, I think you're still small, though.

Prowess aren't equivalent with height, you know?

" guys sure are nice. It makes me realize just how inexperienced I am. After returned, I'll be sure to train myself harder. By the way, I want to express my grat.i.tude. The reward for the request you accepted here... how much was it?"

"Forty gold coins, though."

"Okay, I'll pay for it."

"Eh! Y, you don't need to go that far, you know?!"

In the first place, since the request hasn't been formally canceled, so I'm sure we'll still receive the reward from the guild.

We have no right to receive it from Rosetta-san.

"No, please accept it. I don't have it with me right now, but... I'll surely deliver it. Where are you living at?"

"No, like really, please don't mind it."

If we convert one gold coin into j.a.panese Yen, then it would be around ten thousand to two thousand Yen.

So, roughly calculating, it would be around eight hundred thousand Yen.

I don't know how much salary a knight got, but I feel a bit sorry for it.

"Okay, let's run. Aria! Mimily! Jump onto the bed!"

We've paid hotel's fee in advance, and our change of clothes are all inside the bed's storing s.p.a.ce. We're going to fly toward Belvia city in one flight.

"H, hey, you guys! Please accept the money! With this my feeling won't be at peace!"

While listening to such voices from Rosetta-san, we quickly leave the village and return to the city.

And then, the sea sure was fun, while chatting about it, we take a rest and soundly asleep.

"Nevertheless, don't we haven't play to the fullest there? Like, beach volleyball, watermelon splitting, and there are also plenty food we haven't tasted yet. Since Rosetta-san should've returned already, let's go to the beach again!"

Aria says so, so the next day, we go that village again.

The splinters of the giant squid haven't been fully disposed, but luckily we can't see Rosetta-san's presence anywhere.

There, I'm lying down and do some sunbathing.

Aria and Mimily are swimming and playing beach volleyball together.

"It was very fun, wasn't it!?

When we're returning home, Aria earnestly murmurs so.

Mimily is soundly asleep because of the fatigue after playing all day long.

And my whole body is stinging because I tanned it too much.

Even if my level is high, my body still got hurt from the sunburn, huh... I think it would be easily recovered if I use recovery magic, but sunburn is the medal of the beach!

Let's just leave it as it is.

And like that, we return to Aria's apartment, and after wonderfully lazing around for several days, we go to the guild to take the giant squid subjugation's reward.

"Hmm? The reward is forty gold coins, isn't it? It clearly looks more than that, though...."

I say so while looking at the leather bag pa.s.sed by the receptionist.

And then, the receptionist puts her finger on her cheek, and talking as if in wonder.

"You see... I also don't particularly understand it, but it seems like Rosetta-san from Nifrea Royal Knight asked the guild to give these additional forty gold coins to you. We don't see any reason to refuse it, but... what will you do? By the way, that Rosetta-san said that she didn't want to receive it back, so if you guys decline it then the guild would take custody of it, you know?"

Ah, I see.

We've told our names and the fact that we work as adventurers, after all.

That means, the rest is simple.

Through the guild, she sent these gold coins to us. I should've predicted this possibility.

"Wh, what should we do, Tetsuya-san!? Forty gold coins are, pretty huge sums, you know?!"

"If it's already been given, then we should just accept it."

Aria is confused, and Mimily calmly says so.

Here, should we just obediently accept it, I wonder?

To expressly sending it through the guild along with her denial to accept it back, that means Rosetta-san is serious about it.

Declining it would means declining her honor, huh.

Moreover, as a royal knight, seems like her salary is pretty high.

And on the contrary, here we're just freelancer adventurers, I think having too much money won't become a serious problem, huh.

"Then we'll gladly accept it."

Rosetta-san, thank you.

Somehow, I feel like we're going to meet again, but, I won't ever forget your consideration!

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