Chapter 23

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The next day.

Keeping our promise to not playing in the sea, Aria and Mimily are playing building a big sand castle on the sandy beach.

And here I'm looking at them, while lying atop the bed.

Since I'm at it, let's do some sunbathing.

Driving my bed toward shop, I buy suntan oil.

To be able to go shopping while lying down... what a convenient life.

I'm deeply moved.

"Oi, you girls, please plaster this suntan oil on me."

"While lying atop the bed?"

"Seems like the bed is going to be very sticky."

Now that they mention it, that's certainly right.

I think it's close to impossible to obtain such a good bed again.

I have to cherish it.

That's why, I'm rolling down from the bed.

*roll* *roll*

Lying face up at the sandy beach, preparation complete.

"Well then, come and plaster it on me!"

"Ye~s, Mimily-san, for now let's put the castle building on a halt, and make Tetsuya-san slippery first!"


Wearing cute swimsuits, the scene where both of them plastering the suntan oil to my body is, very erotic!

Since I won't be able to see it if I'm lying face down, seems like I took a right choice to lying face up.

Now, let's ask them to do it more erotically.

"Aria, Mimily, could you plaster it not by hands but with your body?"

"Eh? With body?"

"Yup. First, you plaster the suntan oil to your body, and then rub your body onto mine!"

"N, no matter how you look at it, that's no good! There's a limit of lewdness, you know!"

Aria shakes her head while her face is blushing.

Seems like she's really embarra.s.sed.

How lovely.

"Too perverted, draw aback."

Mimily floats a really reluctant face.

But that's thrilling on its own way!

"It isn't lewd, at all. It's just a bit unusual way plastering suntan oil. Also, it isn't like there's anyone here, after all... come on."

When I say such sophistry, even while mumbling 'Eh, but....', in the end, Aria starts plastering the suntan oil to her body.

Very erotic!

"W, well then, excuse me...."

And then, Aria lies atop me.

At that time, an unexpected hindrance appears.

"Hey! Hey! You guys, I've been looking at you guys, but, no matter how you look at it, as expected that's too much, you know? It's still noon, moreover at outside, you know?"

Even though I and Aria are burning in pa.s.sion, there comes words as if to cool us down.

It's the female knight, Rosetta-san.

"Rosetta-san, so you were watching?!"

"How indecent! Peeping!"

"Don't just arbitrarily accuse me! Weren't you guys the one who arbitrarily started doing such a thing when I was observing the sea!"

"Then, please keep continuing observing the sea. Since we'll do things on our own accords, after all."

When I say so, Rosetta-san is starting seriously angry.

"Are you an idiot! Even if there's no tourist here, how about if there are local children saw it?! That's a very bad manner for their education, you know?!"

"Why? We're just plastering suntan oil, you know?"

"Th, that's right? Please don't disturb us!"

Even Aria starts reb.u.t.ting Rosetta-san along with me.

Good girl!

She's the type who would only think about lewd thing when the switch is turned on!

"No matter how you see it, it's too improper! I have no intention to say a word about your relationship, but just think about the trouble you'll make to the surroundings!"

Dammit, I can't find a word for that one.

It's indeed bad if seen by kids, after all.

"Tell them more."

Mimily's rooting for Rosetta-san from her back.

For an eccentric-chan, don't say something sensible!

Doesn't that makes us look more lack of common sense than that eccentric-chan!

...when I think about it, it sure is lack of common sense!

"Got it, Rosetta-san. It's really, really regrettable, but... I'll give up on my dream to have Aria plasters suntan oil with her body onto mine...."

"No way! Tetsuya-san! ... Please don't give up on your dream that easily! Let's do our best! As long as you don't give up, you'll eventually achieve your dream! Someday, I'm sure!"

"Aria... seems like I've mistaken! Someday, I'll definitely fulfill this dream at a perfectly deserted beach with no one there!"


I and Aria make an oath.

It may seems like a no good oath, but having a dream is surely a good thing.

Okay, let's do my best.

"...I don't have any objection if you do it at a place with no one there, but... that isn't something you should let Mimily hears, right? Even though you're together with such a little girl, you two are...."

Rosetta-san says so with an astonished tone.

Hearing that, Mimily forcefully pulls Rosetta-san's clothes.

"Just like I said yesterday, I'm already fifteen. An adult."

"Ah... come to think of it, that's indeed right... however, umm...."

Rosetta-san shortly groaning.

Mimily glares back at her as if asking if she has anything to say.

"Even though you're that small, you're already fifteen... could it be, mistreatment! Did they not give you any proper meal?!"

"I always eat till my belly is full."

"Then, why are you that small?! As a beast-woman, your body is supposed to grow better than human!"

"I don't know the reason. But calling me small over and over again, are you making fun of me?"

"I'm sorry, I honestly have no intention to make fun of you...!"

"But, calling me small over and over is an undeniable fact. I'm angry. I'll send insinuation to Tetsuya."

Mimily plasters the suntan oil to her body, and then clings atop me.

She has no, but since she's cute, it's still good!

"Hey, come on! I apologize for calling you small. That's why, please stop doing such conduct!"

Rosetta-san hurriedly jumps off from her dragon, and holds Mimily up.

Quite a busybody, huh.

Despite she usually shows such a strict ambiance, but for showing such a fl.u.s.tered act, it's a bit out of character so it's amusing.

If she would wear a swimsuit, and then plastering suntan oil with her body onto me, that would be the best, though!

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