Chapter 19

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"That's right. I'm Rosetta Holy Lance from Nifrea royal knight. By the command of his majesty, I come here to subjugate the giant squid that appeared at this village. There's no place for adventurers like you to act."

Rosetta-san overbearingly says so.

And so, the overawed Aria and Mimily are hiding behind my back.

However, Rosetta-san seems like is worrying about our safety here.

I think she isn't a bad person.

But that's an unnecessary consideration, though.

"Even if you say so... this is our job, so."

"I'll tell the village mayor to cancel that request."

Well, if the knight-sama says she would subjugate the giant squid for free then I'm sure mayor-san would gratefully cancel the request.

"But, wait... if you do that, we won't receive the reward, you know?"

"How much reward they put?"

"Forty gold coins, though."

"Such trifling amount of money and your life, it's as clear as day which one that is more precious, isn't it?"

Well, that sure is true.

But, I don't think that I'd die even if I fight that giant squid, though.

"Listen carefully. From the eyewitness report, there's a high possibility that the giant squid that appeared here is the squid that attacked and ate numerous people at the neighboring country's sea. That country had sent out a subjugation squad to subjugate that squid, but... seems like it had ran away. And then, an exactly similar giant squid appeared at this village. So it's easy to guess its true ident.i.ty, right?"

I see.

Even when the neighboring country sent out a subjugation squad, they still couldn't kill it, huh.

I finally understand the reason why mere adventurers wouldn't be able to kill it.

"But, if this squid is really that strong, then why did they only dispatch you, Rosetta-san?"

"Fufufu. Please don't underestimate the ability of royal knights that much. I may still a novice, but I'm level 70. I alone am more than enough. Or rather, if many knight of my level are rampaging here, this village may be obliterated, right?"

What a great confidence.

But wait, reaching level 70 at such age sure is an amazing feat, right?

"Tetsuya-san, what should we do? Are we going to leave the subjugation to Rosetta-san?"

Aria timidly asks so.

"Hmm, let's see... it's a shame that we won't get the reward, but going against royal knight doesn't seems like a good thing, after all. And we also aren't in such dire need of money, so let's just leave the subjugation to Rosetta-san and play to our fullest."

"I appreciate your understanding, however, I don't mind for you to play here but you better don't enter the sea."

"If the giant squid appears we'll immediately run away, also, it's okay since we're only going to play at the seash.o.r.e, you know."

When I answer so, Rosetta-san lets out a sigh.

"Let me tell you this first, even if you're dead, I won't take the responsibility, you know?"

Or so Rosetta-san says, but I feel like she's going to immediately jump and save us with all her might when we're in danger.

Quite an elder sister chara she has there.

Aria is good, but I also want to be spoiled by such a mature woman!

"Tetsuya, I, hungry."

As if crushing the current flow, Mimily says so.

As expected from stranger-chan.

However, it's indeed almost lunch time, already.

I also feel hungry myself.

"We're going to have a lunch then. How about you, Rosetta-san?"

"I'm going to look out the sea here. You should just obediently do anything you want without the need of minding about me. And don't ever think about taking a fight against the giant squid even by mistake."


To stay alert under such hot sunlight while still wearing her clothes, knight sure has a strong guts, right?

When I admire her as such, Rosetta-san drives her dragon away, and takes a refuge under the shade of tree.

Hmm. I feel like just got betrayed here.

Well, it would be bad if she gets heat stroke just to fulfil my selfish expectation, though.

"Well then, how about we spend a bit our money at that tourist spot that has a singing cuckoo there. Aria, Mimily, is there anything you want to eat?"

"That's of course, ramen, right?! I heard that, when you go to sea, eating a bit stretched ramen is a must do!"

"I think I'm going with yakisoba."

Either of it are beach-ish.

Or rather, are there ramen and yakisoba at this world?

Just what kind of history behind it, I wonder.

But, to be able to eat food I familiar with sure gives me a kind sense of security.

I feel like I become like this world more and more.

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