Chapter 18

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And here we are, the south beach!

Blue sky!

White sand beach!

And the lining up beach huts!

However there's no tourist anywhere!

The only one here is us!


That is because a giant squid has appeared here!

"The beach is reserved for us, Tetsuya-san!"

After we arrived at the destination village, Aria suddenly changed into her swimsuit in the inn, and then delightfully shouts so when we arrived at the beach.

"This excitement is irresistible."

Similarly like Aria, Mimily also wear her swimsuit, and restlessly standing next to her.

By the way, when we purchased the swimsuit for Mimily, we asked the shop to make a hole for her tail.

Because of that, I can see her sticking out cute tail is delightfully swaying.

Of course, I also wear a swimsuit.

However, atop my flying bed, of course!

Rolling on the bed at the reserved white-sanded beach.

Yup, this sure is the ultimate luxury!

"No no, Tetsuya-san. We're at a beach, you know? So let's go and swim together."

Aria dissatisfiedly says so.

"No no, you guys. Since you come here to subjugate the giant squid, please search for it first."

The village mayor dissatisfiedly says so.

The village mayor; who has a splendid white beard; is looking at us; who wear swimsuits and are in high spirit; from a distance with eyes that are asking 'when will you start doing your work?'.

I understand your feeling.

I understand it, but please understand our feeling that want to have a fun, too.

"Mayor-san, even if you say so, the fishermen are too scared and won't take out a ship, you see? Or rather, the squid is usually at the bottom of the sea, right? So there's no means for us to search for it. There's nothing we can do but waiting here till it shows itself."

I answer him with a logical reason.

I answer him in a serious manner, but the real reason is simply because searching for it would be a pain, though.

"No, well, that's might be the case, but... then, when it really shows itself, please properly subjugate it. Since there were several tourists who got eaten by it already... so, we have to subjugate is as soon as possible."

"Yes. Please leave it to us."

When I give him a nod while smiling, mayor-san reluctantly leaves.

Well then, with this it's literally only us here.

"Tetsuya-san, just for today, please get off the bed and play with us!"

" can't be helped then. As expected, even for someone of my level, I still can't win against the charm of this beautiful beach."

I get down to the sand beach.

I can feel a gritty sensation at my bare feet.

"Tetsuya-san is finally standing on the ground!"

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