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Amy's POV

So as I was walking to my first class which was Math like what the heck doing math this early.The hallways were empty since the bell had already rang 15 minutes ago when I reach the math class I am 20 minutes late so as soon as I kicked the door open all eyes were on while I just rolled my eyes.
Then I look around the room and see the girls giving me glares and the guys eye raping me like man these kids these days are so cringy.
The ball teacher.....yeah I will call him Mr.bald head.
(Bold is the teacher speaking and The words kind of tilted in some way is Amy speaking)

Sorry but who are you and why are you interrupting my class young lady.

Well first of all my name is Amy and I interrupted your class since I am new here and didn't know where your class was and I don't really give a fuck Bald head.

After I said that the whole class burst into laughter and the bald head turned hella red as a tomato 🍅 like no kidding.
Then he says......
My name isn't bald head you should respect your elders.So why don't you tell us about yourself miss funny clown.
I just respond with saying back.....
My name is Amy and o ma from the blood vipers so don't miss with me and I don't give a shit about anyone or anything in school just saying so now may I sit down bald head.
Whatever sit in any open seat that you see no class.....
After that I looked around class and saw one open seat in the back of the class so I take and I see people staring at me and I just yell at them "what are you looking at" with a cold tone to it and they quickly turn around whatever losers.
With that school continued how I wanted to this shit hole to end already.
-----------------Lunch Time------------
Finally my last class was over so that meant lunch time I just speed walked to the lunch when I was tired of my shoulders so I just kicked the door open and the whole lunch room went quite and stared at me as I made my way to the line but people left when they saw me like whatever faster for me to eat.I also apparently got free food forever cause news travel fast and let's just say that the lunch lady's were scared shitless that made me laugh like bish please 🙊 I get free food why not.

I got tired of people watching me that when I glared at them they all went back to talking and didn't look at me.I was looking around and found a table at the very back just perfect I thought inside of my head and when I sat down and started eating one of my pizza slices half way the doors open and a group of three boys walked in and got food and let me tell you all the sluts were pulling down their outfits or if you can even call what they are wearing clothes. As I was saying they were all wearing a tight shirt that showed their body 💪 and abs that they looked well. After checking them on what they were wearing I just get back into finishing my great lunch since the food that they make here is actually pretty good if I say so myself. When suddenly I see a three shadows blocking the light in the lunch room and I look up to see that they were the three guys that walked in s few minutes ago and the middle guy that I well call middle started speaking.
Bold-middle guy
Tilted - Amy
Move this is our rsble were e sir to eat
I don't see your Gus name here so its not yours
Are you new are something
Yes why middle guy
Cause we are the ones that rule this school and we are very bad people so just move will ya
No that you are saying it like that I won't even move now so go find somewhere else cause the bell is about to ring if you want to eat middle guy
Whatever this isn't over little girl

And with that all the three guys left and made another group move so that they could sit and eat.

After a few minutes the bell rang telling us that lunch was over.

I throw away my trash away and continue to my next class which is art (let's go with that I forgot Amy's schedule)

After going to many rooms to find the art room I was late 15 minutes also whatever I don't really care anyways and go to the back of the room and sit on the very back next to the window.

I put my head down since I already knew what. I was going to draw and waited for the fatass dude of teacher to finish giving instructions of what he want to see like really detailed and stuff.

When suddenly the doors open and in walks........

Hahaha so I finally updated I know kind of short but hey you know I am busy and I hope you enjoyed it guys.
Have a great day😄🤗
Yesi out of here.😄😊😊😊😊

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