Bucky had fallen asleep shortly after they finished, and Steve had just laid there looking at him. He just stared at Bucky, so happy that he could do so with Bucky safe and better. Steve raised his hand and caressed Bucky's face with his fingertips, smiling softly. Steve took in every detail about him: the jaw length dark hair, the warm brown eyes, the light stubble around his cheeks and mouth, the sharp cheekbones...

Steve had missed Bucky awfully, and when he saw him one the bridge- when his mask fell away- he had been determined to get him back. And he had, for the most part. But Steve couldn't help but think that what had happened to Bucky, the decades of torture and brainwash, was all his fault. Steve couldn't save Bucky from falling- and he saw it happen, and died slightly inside when he did. But when he saw Bucky, after sixty years, he had been determined to pull him away from the edge. Even if he had been already hanging over it.

The origins of how they came to be friends, of how they pushed past that barrier and became a couple, was another story altogether. A story for another time. Steve lingered in the memories he thought had died with Bucky, but know they were sweeter. Now that Bucky was with him again.

At that moment, an unfamiliar voice sounded over the PA system. "Captain Rogers, you are cleared and able to return to the main floor. And your... friend. Vision out." a high pitched beep signaled the end of the transmission. It also stirred Bucky awake.

"We can leave, Buck." Steve smiled, propping himself up on his elbow. He looked down at Bucky, who look puzzled.

"What's wrong?" Bucky inquired.

Smiling, Steve brought his hand up and brushed the hair out of Bucky's face. "Nothing's wrong, Bucky. I'm happy." he said softly.

Bucky gave an amazingly familiar smile. The same smile he gave when he saw Steve hadn't drowned back in the war.

"So am I." Bucky turned on his side, looking right back at Steve. Bucky lifted his hand and lightly touched Steve's face, as if to make sure he was real.

A smile danced on Steve's lips. "Just stay for a second." Steve bent down and kissed Bucky lightly. But when he tried to pull away, Bucky grabbed the back of Steve's head and pulled him down into a much more passionate kiss. Steve wrapped his arms around Bucky, playing with his hair.

"Hey!" Tony's voice bellowed scratchily over the intercom. "No more dirtying my property! You have two minutes, then out-out-out!!" the intercom beeped off. Steve rolled his eyes and parted reluctantly parted from Bucky, sitting up. He plucked their shirts from the floor and handed the dirty red one to Bucky.

"Does he ever shut up?" Bucky groaned and took his shirt from Steve.

"I wish I could say no." Steve laughed. Bucky pulled it over his head, grinning when he saw Steve's gaze at his abs.

"They worked me hard." Bucky said, wincing at the memory.

Steve only saw this because he knew Bucky well enough to look. "All that is over now, I promise." Steve let Bucky lean back and rest his head on Steve's shoulder. Steve nestled in the touch for a moment, feeling Bucky's steady breath on his neck.

Realizing that Tony would soon bark at them again, he lifted Bucky away from him gently and slipped on his shirt.

"Come on, Buck, we should leave before he yells again." Steve told him. Bucky nodded, but made no comment. He took Bucky's hand, pulling him into a standing position.

Soon, it became clear to Steve that Bucky had no intention of letting go of Steve's hand when he squeezed it harder.

Steve smiled at him before looking out into the dark room. "Tony? We're ready to go."

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