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Name: Yurō Yakatashi

Appearance: butt length light purple hair, brown eyes and pale, but not too pale

Crush: Kisame

Clothes: dark purple turtle neck, no sleeves, blue jeans and black ninja shoes

Personality: really super nice and forgiving, has a mean side but only if you insult her or her loved ones(or if you trigger it another way)


---to the lemon story thingy thing---
I was sitting flickering through all of these boring tv shows when I came across the porn section accidentally pressing the 'select' button instead of the 'up' button

Full screen popped up and I looked at it interestedly as the guy on the tv told his girlfriend he loved her then she confronted him on his cheating then it faded into the camera she had put up in the corner of the room he had cheated in

I yelped fumbling the remote in my hands finally pressing the up button

The screen changed into a guy with a humongous dick about to shove it into a black girls vigina

"Eek!" I screamed hearing people coming inside heading towards the living room I started to hear voices so I chucked the romote into the tv screen with so much force that it shattered the whole tv

Peices fell everywhere including on the people who walked in with wide eyes stopping their conversation and started piecing together what happened

I, on the other hand, turned around slowly facing them to see their was three people, Kisame, Deidara and hidan, looking straight at me as I held up my hand in a silent wave

"Hey" I said wincing as hidan started yelling at me,

"Yurō why the fuck would you do this you fucking whore!!! You're not the only one who fucking watches this fucking tv you fuckin moron asshole bitch cunt assfuck go die in a fucking ditch you bastard!!!!!" He yelled

I started tearing up as he started yelling again ignoring dei's asking for him to stop, what hurt more than hidan yelling at you was that your boyfriend just stood there calmly

"No I'm not gunna stop this fucking bitch ass motherfucker broke the fucking-" he got cut off by Kisame punching him directly in the face, making him slam to the ground

"Give the girl some fucking time to explain what happened you just started blaming her you don't even know if it was her or not, and if it was her it doesn't mean you should start fucking screaming at her... You're the only bitch ass mother fucker you cock lover" he finished smirking as hidan opened his mouth then shut it getting up and walking away after turning to me and saying

"You're lucky this fuck is here to back you up, fucking cunt"

Kisame walked up to me knowing you didn't wanna talk about it he picked me up and brung me into his empty of people room putting me on his bed walking to his closet and pulled out a bottle of vodka and a big bottle of Irish beer

He gave me the bottle of vodka and took the beer for himself

We both twisted the caps off and chugged until we both got about a half done taking a breather and chugged again

"Ugh that felt nice" I sighed burping as he chuckled

"Oh we're not done yet"

"Oh okay!" I exclaimed "you always get me happy again" I smiled

He just chuckled handing me another and another and another until it was about 9:00 pm

Us both drunk had already started making out mixing our salvias

He grabbed my boobs and started squeezing them and playing with them

I moaned and he took off my shirt and bra and immediately started sucking on my nipple harshly nipping it a lot

My head was thrown back as I arched my back before he moved to the next one giving it the same kind of treatment

Once he was done he yanked his pants off (and boxers) piling my hair to make me get on my knees before shoving himself in my mouth I gagged a bit but got used to it and deep throated him perfectly as he moaned and groaned I sucked and let my teeth scrap over his dick getting a louder groan from him and a thrust of his hips

I did just that until he came and he came a lot he thrust his hips and came into my mouth, I felt his seed hit the back of my throat

I swallowed taking him out of my mouth as he pushed me down on the bed pulling down my pants then...

Then he passed out, I got up and chugged another few bottles if vodka before passing out as well.

~~~skipping to when it's morning~~~
I stirred groaning in my sleep before waking up with a huge headache

"Ugh" I groaned sitting up and looking around wondering why I was on floor before the memories from last night shot into my head like hot nails into a board of wood I groaned once again blushing as I finally analyzed what happened

I got up and walked into the bathroom fixing my hair and clothes taking two Advil for the headache sighing as the tension released in my head

Kisame walked in all fine not noticing me as he took a pee in the toilet I squeaked remembering once again what happened as he finished and turned to see me blushing my face as red as itachi's sharingan

"Why so blushie cutie" he asked

"I don't know" I yelped as he slapped my butt walking out smirking

I followed blushing harder, then Put on a confused face looking around for him

"Kisa?" I questioned before I heard a 'boo!' From behind the door and screamed as he obviously scared me

"Hey!" I yelled as he burst out laughing

"Huh?" He asked still laughing


"What?" He stopped laughing "... Look last night I'm sorry ok? I didn't mean for it-"

"I love you"

He paused "what?"

"I love you"

"Your not mad at me?"

"No quite frankly I enjoyed it" I blushed

"Oh really, would you like to continue from where we left off" he suggested wiggling his eyebrows

I nodded "ya"

"Ok" he walked over and kissed me passionately before positioning him self "you sure?"

I nodded and he shoved himself into my pulsing now hurting vigina

"Owie!! Holy fucking shit asswipe mother fucker that fucking hurts!!!!" I yelled

He looked stunned "big vocabulary" he said before getting interrupted from a loud moan of mine

He took that as a sign and pulled out before shoving himself into me once again making me moan throwing my head back

"Mmmmm more kisa please" I begged as he chuckled steadying himself grabbing my hips and thrusting in and out, in and out, in and out, my mind kept repeating

This kept up and eventually I wrapped my legs around him "I'm gunna cum!"

"Same" he grunted hitting a spot making me scream moan his name,

"Kisame~~~~" I moaned cumming

"Mmm yurō!!!" He groaned cumming as well

Our seeds mixed together as we collapsed and passed out once again...

There now to the next one!!!

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