Abs are sexy

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Name: Ara Kuró

Appearance: straight boob length light strawberry blonde hair, magenta coloured eyes and super pale

Crush: Deidara

Clothes: navy blue V-neck, white jean short-shorts, navy blue thigh high socks and white tennis shoes

Personality: shy, nice, loves anyone, and has no enemy's type of person

Virgin: no
"Kisa~" I sang "I'm bored,"

"Then find something to entertain you" he said as he watched tv...

"But, kisa it's not that easy" I whined

"Then go bug your boyfriend" he mocked, knowing that me and Deidara got together within a couple of days though we have been acting as though we were dating a long time ago just never admitted it till like a week ago...

"Okay thanks kisa!!!" I yelled running to dei's room

I knocked on the door... No answer... But I heard some sortof sounds that sounded like groaning..

i tried opening the door but it was locked so I looked through the key hole and saw... Deidara half naked with his pants pulled down rubbing his, uh... 'Snake' he was using his hand mouths to er, help and well, I honestly thought it was hot so I continued watching with interest as he stroked his hand ever so swiftly across his... Weenie making his hand mouth stick his tongue out just the tiniest bit as he did so...

I could have watched till he finished, but, sadly, he noticed my chakra and was staring right at the door in embarrassment with his cheeks tinged red

"Uh.. Ara, you may come in now hm..." He threw on his Akatsuki cloak as I picked the lock easily opening the door

"Hey, dei-kun!" I yelled glimpsing him making him fall on the bed

"Mph hey, I was just getting in the shower so... Um...ya," he made a excuse

"To do what, hmmmm" I hinted


"Cut it out dei I saw you through the key hole" I smirked my cheeks turning a bit red

"........ Oh, then may I continue un"

"But dei-kun... I'm borrred~"

"Hmmm you could help" he smirked

"Okay" I shrugged trying to keep cool when inside I was fer-iking!!!!!

He pulled off his Akatsuki cloak and slid down his pants with his face a bit red

I blushed as his dick swung up in an erection as soon as I laid a finger on it, I slowly took the tip in my mouth sucking on that while my hands guided themselves up and down his throbbing cock

He was groaning loudly.... I wonder how much times he had this done to him.... Oh well... I placed one hand around the base of his cock to hold it up -even though it was doing a very good job on its own- I took it out of my mouth pecking the tip before, starting at the base, licking all around his dick making my way to the top.

Once I got there I put him all in my mouth gagging a tiny bit, hey, just cuz I already had sex don't mean their cocks were this big, I mean his is the biggest I've seen yet!

I sucked as I bobbed my head up and down letting my teeth just skim his dick as I did so...

I continued until he moaned out loudly as he came, god that's a lot of cum, I removed my mouth from him and licked up the remains.

After I was satisfied I licked my lips sitting up "you taste good" I blurted out blushing once I realized what I said and chuckled nervously scratching the back of my head mentally yelling at myself 'great job Ara! You just made it akward!!!'

He just chuckled "thanks... I guess" I smiled crookedly before standing up and sitting on his bed as he pulled his pants and boxers up leaving himself shirtless letting me observe his toned abs

"Ara" he looked at me


"Araaaaaa~" he waved his hand in front of my face making my head snap up to look him in his ocean blue eyes snapping me out of my daze and putting me in a new one "do you like what you see?" He mocked as I checked him out nodding

"Well if your not gunna talk at least let me have something to look at he said his eyes glinting mischievously as he took out his kunai and swiped it up my v-neck ripping it off making my b-cup boobs jiggle

He just stared, mouth agape as he watched my plain grey laced bra wishing it would disappear so he could get a full view

I just sat then smirked "there, you got what you wanted?"

"Not yet" was all of his reply as he leaned over and kissed me roughly making me softly moan through the kiss, then he reached his hands round me to unclip my bra I, of course, let him knowing that I wanted this just as much as him

With a lot of struggling, he finally got it off tearing the rest off and looking at my boobs silently for a few seconds before grabbing them and squeezing tightly moving his hands in a circular motion

I moaned loudly, his grabbing and squeezing making me groan out of my thoughts as he removed one hand and placed his lips just barely touching my hard nipple then blowing hot air directly at it making my eyes shut from pleasure.

Then he gently swirled his tongue around the nub of my nipple before taking as much as much boob in his mouth as he could fit making me moan super loud as I tangled my hands in his golden locks tugging on them roughly.

Once he was satisfied with what he did he moved places and switched to the other boob giving it the same treatment,

Afterwards he licked his way down to my underwear line as he also played with the hem of my pants before pulling them down and off of me swiftly with my underwear throwing them somewhere around the room

I closed my legs quickly as he looked at me confused

"You let me see everywhere but there," he motioned to my crotch area "you're beautiful everywhere else and most definitely beautiful there too un" my legs loosened a bit

He pried my legs open only to open his mouth (a/n "i-it's horrible!!!" Lol sorry just had to interrupt lol) "you're beautiful Ara... Every wear, now" he positioned himself putting only a tiny bit in

"Do you love me?" I asked blinking my eyes wondering if he's only using me for my body

He looked stunned before his eyes turned soft "of course I do now forget that and enjoy yourself hun" he smiled pushing the rest in

My eyes rolled to the back of my head in ecstasy, I haven't felt this in forever!!!

"Mmmmm" I moaned as he started pumping

Him and I groaned for a couple of minutes before "turn around," he commanded pulling out of me

I did as he said and he thrusted himself into my vigina harshly as we both started moaning again

He kept making me move around until I was back into the first position again except he was holding my leg up and thumping harder then before

He then hit a spot that sent tingles up my spine then back down again as I moaned out really loud

He smirked sense he finally found the spot he has been looking for,

He went faster harder and deeper hitting that one spot over and over again

"I'm gunna-"

"Me too un!" We choked out

Another minute went by of our sweaty glistening bodies slapped against each other before we both came moaning each others name

"Deidara~~~~" I moaned

"Ara!!!" He groaned out loudly collapsing beside me

We lied there for a bit before he pulled the covers over us

"Go to sleep hun hm" he told me

"Okay" I agreed and fell asleep

There... Finished to the next one!!!

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