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"Did you manage to talk to him?" Mary asked Ruby as soon as she took her seat

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"Did you manage to talk to him?" Mary asked Ruby as soon as she took her seat. "Yeah but he's being cold as usual" Ruby looked down at her blank piece of paper.

"Hey Mary" Bobby approached them "I was wondering if you were busy tonight?? I mean we need to work on the project an-" Mary shushed him right away. "I'm busy tonight" Bobby frowned at her response.

"Oh okay" Bobby looked down at his paper "I'll see you next class then" Bobby walked away with his head down.

"What a nerd" Mary commented as Ruby looked at Bobby walking away. "I feel bad" Ruby said. "Yeah whatever. Anyways are you busy tonight?" Mary asked her.

"Unless you call staying home and watching Netflix busy, i'm free" Ruby said bringing her hands to her neck. She noticed that her necklace wasn't around her neck anymore. Ruby began to panic.

"Well i'm having dinner with my mom, my step dad and my step brother tonight and I would like it if yo-" Mary noticed the look on Ruby's face "Is everything okay?"

"No no no" Ruby got up and looked around on the ground "I lost the necklace! The only thing that was important to me!" Mary quickly got up to help Ruby. She knew how important this necklace was to her. "I'll be right back" Ruby zoomed out of the classrooms in the process she bumped into William.

"YOU!" Ruby pointed to him "Give me back my necklace" William pushed her finger out of his way. "I don't know what you're talking about" William said as Ruby began to get very frustrated with him. "William give it to me!" Ruby put her hand out.

William rolled his eyes and left the building. Ruby clenched her fist and walked back to Mary. "That asshole has it!! I know it!" Ruby said as Mary tried to calm her down.

"Let's go Ruby, are you coming to my dinner?" Mary asked grabbing her belongings. Ruby sighed first before giving her answer to Ruby "Why not, your step brother is hot anyways" she commented earning a slap from Mary.

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