But what if someone else has experienced it? How would we know? It's literally the unknown.

And that is what father fears most.

What if Amalie becomes more like them and less like us? She would be a liability. A danger to herself and to our pack. And father would face his worst decision ever.

And Aida. How do we even begin to fix what he has done to her? What will she be if she finds her wolf? Or doesn't? Is she like us or is she something different?

We have twi choices in my opinion.

We need to find Jasper that is a given. But we also need to reach out to some other packs and ask about this, see if any of them have ever experienced anything like it.

I break the silence.

"Father, I think we need him here. He is the best shot we have at helping them both. But I also think we need to send some people out to other packs, near and far, see if  anything like this has ever happened before."

James nods.

"I hate to say it but I agree with Argent, for like the first time in my entire life."

He says it with a light laugh and slaps me on the back.

Father turns to face us both.

"Boys, I hope you know you both make me very proud. Not a days goes by that I don't feel extremely lucky to have you both as the packs future leaders."

Father seems like giant in the shadow of the room but only in appearance. James and I both know the grief he has suffered over the loss of my mother. And now he wears the same pained expression when he speaks of Amalie, just like he wore back then.

We each know the facade he wears in front of the pack and we each know what lies behind it. James and I had to sit with him, watching him in pain on many a night after my mother passed. Her death on the battle field with wolves and vampires is legendary. When the pack members speak of her they place their right hand on their heart, as a sign of respect. She was beyond special to us all.

James lost his adoptive mother and his sister that day. He knows loss more than us all. So I know that the two strongest men I have ever known and respect highly, do not make this decision lightly.

"James, Argent, I believe you are right."

He walks between the two of us and heads back to his desk. He takes out the lap top and connects it to the wide screen above his desk.

"Father, what are you going to do?"

"The only thing I can, I'm calling a high conference."

James and I look at each other. I'm all our lives and learning we have only ever heard of this being done twice.

Once was when three Alphas were targeted by rogue wolves and once was when the vampires attacked many packs simultaneously on the day that mother and Evelyn were killed.

He dials the number and we wait for the tone. Each pack across the world that recognises the common pack laws will answer and listen. This will convene the high council members from up to 2000 packs that follow the laws of the ancients as we do.

The tone dials and we hear voices answering and see the screen above the desk start to multiply into many different smaller screens.

Familiar faces such as Deacon and George appear and all answer with the same sign of respect, hands over hearts.

"Alpha Lake, you have called the councils. What is your purpose?"

It is the voice of the high regent speaking. He is responsible for keeping the law for those that follow the true rules. Their are those that don't but not that many these days. Keeping our life as hidden and a safe as possible is important and those that don't and threaten to expose us, often don't last that long or are brought back in line fairly fast.

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