Chapter 24

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Argent POV

James and I sit in father's office as he paces around and around the room. He traces the same path from the desk to the window and over to the door and then repeats. His feet are beginning to be heavier and harder and his fists curl and uncurl at his sides with each large step he takes.

He has not said a word since we followed him here but I know it's just a matter of time before he explodes. This is the worst timing. I want to be here to plan our next move to help Amalie and find the assholes responsible for this but I also want to be down with Aida as she begins to work with Dr Emerson.

But my responsibility as the next Alpha means I must stay here. Pack safety comes first and we need to know what we are up against. I'm so torn.

If Amalie is really a hybrid, whatever that means, then is Aida also? They both heard someone just now. Or something.

And what does hybrid mean exactly? For us? For the girls? Shit. That ass Dr Jasper would come in handy right about now.

A thought comes to me and I know what I will suggest.

"Father, may I speak?"

He stops pacing and faces me. He pauses by the window and turns towards the open blinds and stares outside. I stand and move slowly over to be beside him. I can see Dr Emerson and Aida sitting on one of the benches near the memorial gardens.

The contrast between the shades of the two women's hair colour is like night and day. They sit facing each other and are lost in conversation.

I wish I could privately link to Aida. I hope she is ok.

I stand next to father and we both stare out the window together. I can almost feel the tension coming in waves off his shoulders. Above all, he holds the safety and stability of the pack in high regard and I know that the uncertainty of this new situation weighs heavily on his mind, as a father and an Alpha.

"Father, I don't like it but I think we have to go and look for Jasper. He may be the only way we are able to help the girls."

He drops his head. I know he realises this too.

James comes to my side and stands with us. The three of us staring out the window, but seeing very different views.

I am looking at my mate, trying to figure out who and what she is, I want to be beside her. I want to forget all this shit that her father has done and start our mated life together.

James sees his sister and the new version of his future, one that he never thought possible.

Father sees something that I know scares him more than anything in the world, something he has no control over. The unknown.

"For the first time in our packs history boys, we are facing something we have no idea how to fight."

His voice is low and quiet.

James and I make no movement. We know he is right. And it scares us too.

"We have a choice. We can stay here and try to figure out what that bastard has done to Aida and Amalie and wait it out. We can ask Emerson to stay and help. Or, we can go and find whatever hole Jasper has climbed into and drag him back here to answer for his crimes and give the girls a fighting chance."

I look at James. His face is a picture of fear itself.
We do not know what will happen to Amalie and Aida. There have never been any hybrids in our line or any other that we know of. In the millions of years werewolves have existed, nothing has been written of such an abomination.

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