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(A/N there are a lot if point of views just to tell you)

Brittney p.o.v

Zach-Hey Bri
Bri-Hey baby face
Zach-I'm only 17 I do not have a BABY FACE
Bri-Clam down your face is turning red. Tehehehe

Zach p.o.v
I really like Brittney and she knows that because were are dating I need to ask her to be my girlfriend. What if she says no? What is she laughs at me? Does she like me like that? How will things be if we break up? I am doomed.

Jack p.o.v
I dont want to be mean to Maddie anymore. I really like her. I failed at my job. I failed to be a bully. I failed to be me. I failed to hate her. I failed to let down Sydnie. I failed as a brother. I failed as a boyfriend

Maddie p.o.v
Jack has been nice to me lately and I like that. He held my hand yesterday at school. This is what happened.
Lisa-eww look Jax
Jax-ewww let me beat her

With that Jax was punching me. Jack came over and beat up Jax. The teacher talked to them but Jack explained everything. O my Jax and lisa has detention.

I really hope he stays this way.

Corbyn p.o.v
I was looking at this girl in my class she's so hot. Her name is Christina. I asked her out yesterday she said yes. I'm so excited. I cant deny it. I told her I can cook she won't even have to do a thing. Tell me what you wanna drink and I'll bring a couple things along. (Teheheheh)

Christina p.o.v
A cute blonde boy I liked came over to me and ask me out. I said yes. He said he can cook and I wouldn't have to do a thing. He was bringing drinks and food. Well were going to a restaurant so Yah.

Brittney p.o.v
I wish Zach would ask me out. What if I ask him out. What if he says no? What will happen after we break up? What if he laughs at me? Does he like me like that. I am doomed.

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