Chapter Twenty-Three

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"No!" James disciplined you with a slap on the hand that was trying to lift up the blindfold with so you could peek out from under it. A childish giggle escaped your mouth at your own mischievous antics, which only made the other man sigh and shake his head back and forth. "My my, you're not so good at this, are you?"

A grin crossed your face as you shook your head, answering with a confident "nope" to his question before coughing into the palm of your hand from the dusty rag that was tied over your eyes to shield them from whatever he was planning on revealing. The black cloth was attracting the heat like a bear to honey, and you could feel the sweat pouring down your forehead and absorbing into the piece of fabric, making it stink in front of your eyes. It was uncomfortable on your skin, especially coated in sweat, but that dear, sweet hacker had seemed so enthusiastic about showing you...


The morning after that unpleasant nightmare you'd had, you awoke to James' chest in your face as you had curled up to lay with him for comfort and was nearly in a neat little ball relaxed against him. It had taken a lot more effort than usual to get out of bed because of that, and you had an unpleasant crick in your neck as a side effect, but you managed and stumbled into the kitchen, searching through chests to find something to ease the monster in your stomach. You'd ended up with an apple because no logical person would eat a vegetable this early in the morning and leaned against the counter while doing this, back facing the bedroom doorway.

It was very apparent when the charcoal colored male finally awoke, as he tripped over something and crashed to the floor before even reaching the edge of the bed. You turned around to see this and laughed as he had hurriedly brushed himself off and walked out to the main room like nothing had happened, which only made you chuckle louder at his idiotic denial.

"Oh, hush," the spiky-haired entity warned you off, plucking the remains of your apple out of your hands and taking a bite of the juicy red flesh.

"So," he announced once he'd chewed the life out of that poor, helpless fruit that you would have mercifully eaten had it not been snatched from your hands so that you would have to push him aside to retrieve another, which you definitely did as hard as you could get away we. "I thought we could visit somewhere cool today."

You raised an eyebrow at the vague question, raising a carrot to your mouth at the same time because there were no more damn apples (which was seriously frustrating because you just wanted something sweet for breakfast) and hopping up on the counter opposite him while waiting for him to elaborate on where exactly this 'somewhere cool' was.

James wasn't all too happy with you constantly using his counter as a cushion for your tushie, though, so he bit down on the core of the apple to keep it in his mouth and picked you up around the middle, slinging you over his shoulder like a sack of potatoes. A big sack of potatoes. Your arms went slack and draped almost to his knees even though your waist was bent over his shoulders, which almost seemed like an impossible feat.

"Hey!" You shouted to get his attention, "What's the big idea?"

Your mischievous boyfriend just chuckled as you struggled to get down, or up. Nobody knew - your squirming could've been for any direction. He walked out to the living room with you still banging against his back with every jolty step he took forward, though you vision was righted once the black-skinned entity had taken a seat on the pale blue couch that faced the fire pit and had sat you down in his lap. Instead of moving like you normally would've, you put on a smirk and took a small bite from the apple that was still lodged in his teeth. Only the gods knew what he would take away from that gesture but you didn't want him to think it meant anything, so you went back to chewing mindlessly on your carrot like nothing at all had happened.

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