Prologue: Not a Normal Life

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     My life's taken an unexpected turn

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My life's taken an unexpected turn.

It's amazing how fast the time had passed. Three years ago, my youngest son, Chris, died in the hands of Michael, my eldest son, and his friends by shoving his head into the jaws of my own creation, Fredbear. It led me to temporarily lose my sanity and I killed six innocent children in my own pizzeria two days after Chris passed away.

Then I left, guilt taking over me. I left with Michael. I left my work to my old manager, Fritz Smith, and I told him to build a new pizzeria in me and my deceased son's memory.

And he did. It was called "Freddy Fazbear's Pizza Jr.", and it took three years to build along with new animatronics. I've heard that the animatronics there are equipped with facial recognition systems that were linked to the criminal database. Heh. I guess top security wouldn't hurt.

Now, don't get me wrong. I am filled with guilt to this day, after killing those poor kids. As a punishment, I am forced to fight their angry spirits, 'the Nightmares', in my dreams every night. Glow, my old friend I met in my dreams three years ago, mysteriously disappeared after my first seven nights. I was forced to fight the Nightmares on my own. I used to get through the nights with him by my side — and now he's gone.

Oh, I've died many, many times in my dreams fighting against them. Glow wasn't lying — they hurt like hell, on how they tear me apart.

Unfortunately, because he left, I could not question him or find out more about his true secret identity anymore.

     It was always my biggest question ever since the day we met. Who WAS he?

     I set down my pen beside my journal and closed the leather book. I let out a deep, tired sigh, thinking of my past I tried so very, VERY hard to forget, but as the spirits had said three years ago, and it still rang in my ears:

     "It's never easy to forget."

     How wouldn't it? I killed those kids. Murder is a terrible crime and it's something I couldn't just forget that easily.

     It was a stormy night tonight, a night where I just wanted to lay down and rest.

     But whatever I do, I cannot rest. The Nightmares will keep on destroying my energy and soul until there was nothing left.

     It's a terrible burden I had to carry.

     And it was all. My. Fault.

Hey guys! How'd you like the new look?

Told you I'll go for POVs and slip in a William chapter ;)

So the new journal writing was inspired by a guy on FNAF Discord, where he wrote about Michael's life. It's pretty awesome, so I decided to try it out as well :P

I'm still working on Chapter 1! It's a bit long xD

Thanks, and see ya!
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