Millard x reader (kinda)

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It was happening again, my dad (unsurprisingly) came home from the Pub drunk as hell late at night. I knew that this would happen, he Always does this no matter how many times he's promised that he'd stop, no matter how many times I've pleaded. Over time I've come to accept this fate, knowing that It can't be stopped.

I closed the book that I was reading and watched my dad open the door and stumble in, looking at the surrounding area as if he wasn't sure where he was. This was supposed to be a 'family vacation' and by family, I meant just me and my Father.  Although it never felt like a Vacation. We decided to go to this small island called Cairnholm since it was the cheapest place we can afford. It was unnerving really, there was only one phone heere in this WHOLE island and it resided in the Priest Hole which also happened to be the place we were staying at. The population is below 100, the island seemingly covered in a big cloud of fog.

"Where were you?" I asked as I watched my father ambling his way slowly towards me, bumping into things as he went.

He didn't answer.

"Where Were You?!" I inquired again, this time raising my voice in the hopes that he would answer. I saw him furrow his brow and pick up his pace.

"W-Who are youu!"He yelled. I gave him a questioning look, I knew that my father was drunk but he has never been so drunk that he didn't know who I was.

"I-I'm your d-daughter, Y/n L/n!" I replied.

"Bull Shit! I don't have a daughter you liar," My expression went blank. I had nothing to say. This has Never happened before. I felt a cold chill run down my spine.

"Were you truying tuh steal somethin'?!" He screamed at me again.

"N-N-no! Again I-i'm your Daughter! Please, I didn't try to steal anything!" I felt my composure fade as I watched my father's face flush red. He turned and went to the little cabinet that we had in the motel and opened it. I saw him grab a small Pocketknife and flick it open.

"N-No Please Father it's me! Y/n L/n!" My heart's speed picked up, my brain tried to think of ways to reason with him. Before I could think of something, however, my father pushed me off of the couch and on to the hardwood floor.  I let out a shriek of pain as he harshly pinned me to the floor, making the space between us minimal.

My father punched me a few times in the stomach making me scream out in pain again. I felt my eyes water up making my vision blur. My father shouted out things like, "What did you steal? or Get the hell out!" It's not like there was anything to steal heere, Hell this isn't our house! It was a freaking Hotel for crying out loud!!

I tried to say something again but the words turned to thin air. He brought the knife up to my chin, so close that it made me not want to breathe. Then I felt something click. Like a puzzle piece that you didn't know belonged. I watched as my hands grew a bright yellow, so bright that it hurt my eyes just looking at them.  My father backed away immediately in shock. I too was in shock.

"WHAT THE FUCK!" I tried shaking my hands wiping my hands on my shirt but the bright light didn't prevail.

"GET THE FUCK AWAY FROM ME!!!!"My dad Roared. He ran at me with the pocketknife in his hand. I screamed and put my hands in front of me as if it was some kind of protection. Little did I know that it was.

My dad ran into my hands as he got closer. He stopped and shrieked in pain. The yellow light in my hands seemed to flow from my body into him causing him pain. I moved my hands away quickly causing my dad's body to fall to the floor. The yellow light from my hands had vanished leaving me confused and scared.

" My my, Never in my life have I seen a person control Electricity! " I turned around to see a women wearing all black. I jump in surprise and concealed my hands behind my back. The women looked at me and chuckled. She walked closer to me and touched my dad with the heel of her foot.

"Strong too, he's quite dead," My eyes averted to my father's limp and pail body.

"D-did I kill him?!" She looked at me and at my father.

"No Need to feel bad. He was a terrible father and look at how much he's hurt you, darling," she said. I look down at myself and see my ripped clothes and bruised arms and legs. Everything that has happened just didn't seem to be real, it seemed like a dream almost.

"What is going on? I must be dreaming!" I asked looking at my hands again. The women gently put a hand on my shoulder and smiled.

"Y/n L/n You are what we call Peculiar."

"What's That?"

I heard another voice speak up. "Being Peculiar mean that you have a Supernormal trait which I presume is Electricity." I looked around for the source of the voice but couldn't find one. Man I really was losing my mind.

"I'm right here, you just can't tell because I'm invisible, it's my Peculiarity." I looked at where I presume the invisible boy was and just stared.

"My name is Millard  by the way, Millard Nullings!" He told me. I smiled and felt a blush spread on my face (wait whaaaa-)

"Y/n L/n!"  I Chirped. Millard took my hand and shook it.

"This is Miss Peregrine, our headmistress" I turned around once again to see the lady whose name I now Know.

"Let's go then, we can't leave the others waiting!" Miss Peregrine said as she smiled warmly. I grabbed the book I was reading and a few other books that I brought.

"You like reading?" I turn around but remember that Millard was invisible.

"Y-Yeah It's like the only thing I'm good at," I replied. Millard seemed to be thrilled by this because he said, "Finally someone who like to read! Y/n I feel like you and I are going to make great friends!" I turned to Miss Peregrine and she winked at me. Why do I feel like she knows something that we don't? I turn back towards Millard and smile.

"Me too!" I answered.

Yes, I finished thisssss! I am so happy now!! I know this is really different then what I usually write about (Cough Jared Cough) but I do hope that you guys liked it!! Anywayssss, I hope you guys have an amazing day and don't forget to write if you have any requests! =3

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