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Frankie's Whole point of View


I move to this dark place called Los Alamos, New Mexico. I think i dont like it here, everything seems to be so dark and silent. My mom says the school here was cheap and so were the houses. But.... this place is somewhat creepy. Well maybe i'll get used to it sooner or later. I drop off my bags in the new house. After i unpacked my things, I asked permission to my mom to go out and maybe meet friends my age. She approved of that and i put my coat on since it was a snowy day. I saw this railing which looks good enough to sit on. I sat there all alone. After a while, i saw two kids, a boy and a girl heading my way.

"What are you doing here?!?" says the girl twitching of anger

"Calm down Abby, calm down" says the boy trying to calm the girl

"Sorry to interfere your place, I guess i'll just leave" I say

"No it's okay" the girl says

"Really? by the way im Frankie, I'm from London and we just moved here" I say

"Nice to meet you... I'm Abby" says Abby

"Im Owen, by the way, why did you move here? no one moves here" Owen says

"Mom said houses and school here were cheaper, what do you mean no one moves here?" I ask

"Um... nothing.. Abby... she's a friend so dont try and ..." Owen says

"It's ok, Owen" Abby says giggling

"Try and what?" I ask

"So do you go to school?" says Owen quickly changing the subject

"Yeah, im starting tommorow, what school do you go to? oh yeah, what a stupid question, there's only one middle school here" I say

"You talk alot don't you?" Abby asks

"Sorry.." I mumble

"No, it's alright, you're kinda funny you know" Abby says giggling

"Well umm... Thank you" i say flashing a smile

We all giggle

"So where do you live?" Owen asks

"That house" i say pointing "How about you?" I add

"Me and Abby live next door to that apartment" Owen says pointing at the apartment behind us.

"You must be rich" Abby says

"Dont say that, im not rich" I say

"You have a very big house and look at your coat, i bet it must've cost alot" Abby says

"I dont wanna brag, so.. let's treat each other normally, shall we?" I say

They both nod smiling.

"So i guess i'll see you guys tommorow?" I ask

"Of course" they both say as i headed out

"Hey Frankie" Mom said

"Hi mom" I say

"So, did you make friends today?" Mom asks

"Yeah, they were pretty nice" I say

"Well, that's great, you gotta sleep now, you dont wanna be late tommorow" Mom says

"Yes, mom" I say going up to my room

I lie in bed and slept 


 Chloe Moretz as Abby

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