Dating Veronica Sawyer (VeronicaxReader)

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Now, the main hero!

--Veronica loves you as she loves cake, she'd devour you!

--Very straightforward with her affection. Does not hold back.

--A flirty girl by nature.

"Was that an earthquake or did you just rock my world?"

--She loves it when you blush like a maniac if she uses one of her classic pick-up lines.

--Shows no shame if she makes you a flustered mess.

"Heh, you'll get over it soon! ;)"

--She's truly a poetic nerd when it comes to describing your beauty.

--Doesn't give two shits if she touches you in your private area in public. She always makes sure that it's very hidden.

"Oh, do you like it when I touch your pussy, where anyone can take a simple glance and see what I'm doing to you?" she cooed seductively in your ear.

--She might even trigger an orgasm under the table at a restaurant.

"Don't moan or whimper!"

--Now, you're stuck with an intense tingling sensation and you can hardly control yourself.

--If you manage, she'll reward you!

--Outside of the sexual pleasures, she can be sweet and caring.

--She fights for you if you're getting bullied.

"Get away from her, assholes!"

--She loves to spoon you (hint: she's the big spoon)

--She gives you almost every nickname she could ever dream. My sweetie, Tootsie, babe, honey-suckle, baby-cakes, hot stuff, doll, and mommy!

--That means she's a definite bottom.

--She LOVES to roleplay before fucking you senseless.

--Veronica likes it when you wear lingerie, just so then she can rip them off!

"Sorry, they just got in the way!"

--Finally, she adores the noises you make when you come!

"Oh, those are the sexiest noises I've ever heard!"

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