Chapter 8

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Tom purred quietly as Chris ran his fingers through his hair slowly. He was a little more sober now and could actually see a little straighter.

"You like that?" Chris asked, his voice was deeper than usual. Tom nodded and looked up at him tiredly, smiling.

"I-I like you Chris," Tom stuttered. He stopped for a minute, realizing what he had just done, "a lot." Chris smiled and kissed him passionately. Tom moaned against the kiss, taking in the taste of alcohol against his lips. He pulled out after a few seconds.

"You're an amazing person Tom," he replied, taking in all of his beauty. He looked into his eyes and sighed, a small smile on his face.

"Chris, I want to know more about you," Tom said, putting his hands on his neck, ghosting his thumb along his jawline. Chris cleared his throat, and shook his head.

"The more you don't know, the better." Tom frowned, looking at him sadly.

"Please, I must now." Chris sighed and looked at him, running his fingers through his curly hair once more.

"I have 2 brothers," he started. Tom looked him intently, waiting for an entire back story. Chris chuckled and looked at his hair, studying the curls. "We lived in Australia for most of my life, until I was around 9, when my dad finally left my piece of shit mom. She was a horrible person, always hitting us and starting fights." Tom smiled at him sadly, running his thumb over his jawline.

"She took advantage of me Tom, using  me like I was some kind of slave," he gritted through his teeth, tears appearing in his eyes.

Tom sat up, hugging Chris, who leaned into his touch as he started to cry. "I'm so sorry Christopher," he soothed gently.

"I hate her, I hate her so much. She never loved me, never loved anyone of us!" Chris spat. He felt angry and disgusted with himself, starting to remember things, things he'd wished would stay in the past.


Robert sighed, trying to keep himself calm. Why did it always end up this way? He was doing good, Younger Tom was finally getting over all of the shit he had been through, now she was trying to come back in the picture?

He stared at his phone, rereading the message his sister had sent him.

Younger Tom was his son, he called him dad for Christ's Sake. If anything's not fair, it's the way she did him. Abandoning hin when he was only 8, leaving his father to die alone when he was deathly sick.

"Dad, are you okay?" Younger Tom asked, standing in his bedroom doorway tiredly. He rubbed his eyes and made his way to the broken-down couch, sitting next to him. Robert nodded and stuffed his phone in his pocket, looking at him.

"Yeah buddy, I'm good. Just stressed with work and stuff," he explained. He cringed at himself, he hated that as a child. When his mother would lie to him after she had just taken a beaten from some man at his father's work. The world was so full of hatred and lies, it still is.

"What's wrong?" Younger Tom asked. Robert just shook his head and wrapped his arm around his shoulders.

"Tom, Allyson texted me." Younger Tom slowly got out of his grasp, standing up.

"Dad..." He panicked, his breathing growing irregularly. His eyes filled with tears as he brought his hands to his ears, pulling on them lightly. Robert quickly stood up, grabbing Younger Tom's wrist and holding them firmly.

"Thomas, I promise you will-" Younger Tom quickly cut him off, now crying.

"I-I don't want to see her," he said frantically. He breathed harder now, Robert knew he was going to have a full panic attack. He lead him down to the ground, trying to level his breathing.

"Baby, you look at me. Look at me and breathe, okay?" He said gently. Younger Tom moved his arms, trying to get out of his grasp.

"I-I don't want to see her!" He yelled. "She left me! She doesn't love me! She never loved me!" He gasped, everything was closing in on him. Nobody loved him, he was so stupid and worthless, he always put stress on people.

"Tom, look at me baby, I need you to calm down," Robert tried, gently. He hated to see him like this, it was heartbreaking what the boy had been through. He loves his sister, he truly does, but he will not stick up for her after what she's done.

Younger Tom squirmed his arms out of Robert's hands and covered his ears. He didn't want to live right now, he didn't want to see his mom. He wanted her to leave, let him be happy.

Christ slammed open the front door, his pajama pants halfway on his waist, no shirt. Tom trailed not too far behind him, both with a worried expression on their faces. Robert looked up at him with panic, standing up and walking to them.

Tom slowly walked to Younger Tom, crouching down in front of him. Younger Tom looked at him, his face red and tear stained. He shook his head and continued pulling at his ears.

"Tom, stop..." Chris started, but stopped as Tom gently reached for his hands, holding them in his own.

"Tom, can you count to 20 for me?" He asked gently. Younger Tom shook his head, panicky looking at Robert. "Look at me love and count with me," Tom insisted. Younger Tom looked at him and started counting with a shaking voice.

Tom counted to 20 with him, which calmed him down by the time he was to 15. His breathing had calmed down, with only a sniffle every few seconds. He stood up and ran to Robert hugging him tightly. Robert immediately hugged him back, holding him protectively.

Tom walked to Chris and hugged him. Chris hugged him back, looking over his shoulder to Robert and Younger Tom. Robert was leading him to his bedroom, whispering something in his ear.

"Please don't leave me Christopher," Tom whispered in his ear. He held him tightly, not wanting to let go.

"I won't," Chris said gently, "Ever."

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