fictional death

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Why'd you have to kill them? They fueled my love for the story and my love for the action. Now There s just an emptiness. An emptiness left from the death of my favorite.. my favorite character. She had a husband. The other had found love. One suffered from depression and hide it with a smile and some freshly baked cookies. She was getting better. She found a man who loved her joy and she finally told him her real name. But now an evil force has driven through her heart and left her for dead. She holds on with the love of her life not knowing that her last friend next to her just just shot through the heart and her husband, is holding her hand not knowing what to do. She asks what's happening but all her boyfriend can do is tell her to save her strength. Why must you creators be so cruel as to build up a story for two loveable characters, take us through their childhood and have us make a realization that it meant nothing. That they won't live their happy life their meant to live that some evil force, driven by madness for a loss of a physical feature and love for someone who really he just wants to use to get through the husband, do such bad ad causing death and sadness. They didn't deserve to die. They deserved children, and unconditional love, they had a home to go back to. But in this story, evil wins. In this story, love is nothing. In this story, they die. Why, why did you have to kill this fictional character.

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