[The Flash-Fic Appears] Wanderlust

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"Wherever you go,

Whatever you do,

I will be right here waiting for you.

Whatever it takes

Or how my heart breaks

I will be right here waiting for you. "

  "Grandpa. How many times are you going to play that song?"

  I opened my eyes to see Jun walking down the spiral stairs with a jacket in hand. "Sorry dear." I said, reaching to stop the song.

  But she cut me off before I reached the stereo. "Forget it. I'm going outside."

  "You're not going outside to play with the flares again are you?" I warned.

  She paused before reaching for the door handle. "I'll be careful." And with a cheeky grin of a teenager dashed out into the seven o'clock evening light.

  Three generations of Patmoto women, and they're all like the first. My dear wife, Laney.   Adventurous.   Curious.   And born to live life to the utmost. 

 I wonder where she is now?

  At fifty it's not uncommon for some people to get a tingle in their bellies. A burning desire for change in scenery, adventure and a childlike impetuous drive to act on those impulses. I suppose with the kids gone the severe change in tempo brings a tsunami of forgotten dreams and abandoned projects. All this time on your hands, and nothing to hold you back. It's like being born again.

  Laney got the bug. A most severe case of wanderlust.

  I wonder where she is now? 

  Ten years and fifty letters, I'm getting old. I'd reminisce more but from the bright red glow in the distance Jun didn't keep her promise.  Then again she didn't really promise, did she? Teenagers.

  I climb up the same stairs Jun came down from to the top of the lighthouse. 

  Yes, we live in an old renovated lighthouse on a tiny little isle. I thought: lighthouse surrounded by nature,  Laney would love it, and hopefully settle down.  But boy was I wrong.  Just added boating fever to the already rampaging wanderlust.   

  Arthritis doesn't make climbing easy.  Don't know which one hurts more, my knees or my back.  Thankfully with old age comes partial deafness.  I thrust open one of the windows at the top of the lighthouse.  And take an air horn from the shelf.

  The sound is loud. I can feel the vibrations in my old calcium deficient bones.  Jun also heard it, because she throws another flare in the air.

  I take a megaphone and yell. "Jun! Stop that." 

  A green flare flies up from the ocean in the distance. "Shut up old man.  Let her have some fun."  The absurd demand is followed by a recognizable hearty laugh.

  My heart skips a beat.

 Welcome home.

Author's Note

 Word Count: 444

Thank you to those who've read my work, and the people I met thanks to Wattpad Flashfic. It's been an adventure. 

PS. Let me know what you thought of this fic.  Was it boring?  Too ambiguous? 

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