Chapter Twenty- Nine: Love is equal, my darling.

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Chapter Twenty- Nine: Love is equal, my darling.

Tuesday evening

SHE grinned as she listens to the two boys bickering in the front seats.

Who was the better looking out of the pair, was the topic of this conversation and Lydia didn't particularly want to get involved.

She mentioned that everyone in school thought they were both twins and they both took it as an insult.

As George parked the car in an empty space in front of the small 80's diner, he turned to face the beauty in the back seat.

"Who's the better looking 'twin'?" He asked, hoping she'd say him. Instead of answering his question Lydia shook her head, "I'm biased, it's unfair."

Just like that Lydia Jackson had messed up the puzzle he was so close to solving. The puzzle being her.

Following her, he stepped out of his car. His best friend grinning at him, "you have one hell of a girl, George."

Sighing George smiled a genuine smile, that Chris has been seeing more often since Lydia has been around. "I don't have her, not yet, but she has me. She has all of me without even knowing it."

Lydia let out her breath as she sat in an empty red booth, waiting for the duo to walk through the doors.

"What's wrong honey?" A concerned waitress asked, looking at the girl she'd seen a few nights ago.

Lydia shook her head, "I'm falling and I know he's there to catch me. I trust him and he trusts me, yet I can't admit my feelings because I don't deserve to. He deserves better."

The waitress frowned at the young girl in front of her, she shouldn't be feeling this way. "He deserves you if you would catch him when he falls."


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