23- Bleeding out

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🎶 so I peel my skin, and I count my sins,
    and I close my eyes, and I take it in.
I'm bleeding out, I bleed out for you 🎶

   Another morning and I'm still finding it difficult to get out of bed.

   This nausea and fever is really getting to me.

    Tossing and turning on the bed, trying to find a comfortable side but all efforts proved futile.

   To my luck, school was cancelled today.

why you ask?

   It's been two months since the school's football team had left and they returned last week Friday with second place.

    Our position was due to Cole's injury in the semi finals, but the school was proud of them none the less.

  And to prove their pride, they called off school on Monday to organize and carry out a parade for them at night in the school's stadium.

   I on the other hand didn't want to go for the event and now I have a good reason.

if only the reason wasn't so uncomfortable.

  Checking the time, which read eleven am prompt, I decided to go to the nearby clinic that is just few blocks away.

   Getting out of bed grudgingly, and staggering like a drunkard; I entered the bathroom to clean up. Ignoring the dizziness lurking in my head.

  Brushed my teeth and arranged my hair, willingly skipping the part where I shower because with my body burning up, I shouldn't use hot water.

And cold water is gonna hurt like a bitch.

   A pink T-shirt and black jeans seemed the easiest thing to find so I chose it.

   I stepped out of my room and headed for the exit.

   Dad and Mom are out so I'm home alone, which is a good thing. I'm actually not ready to explain anything to anyone.

  Leaving the house and after making sure it's locked, I get in my car.

  With my last drop of adrenaline, I drove off.


    Right now It's few minutes to two pm and I'm in the waiting room with my legs crossed and my fingers playing endlessly like there was an invisible piano on my knees.
    The fever is gone but the feeling of disgust in my belly causing the puke has got to go.

    A couple in front of me seem as nervous as I am.

why am i nervous?

why won't i be? i could be coming down with something terminal and the fever could be a sign.

  But the couple looked kind of scared. The man held a little girl in his hand like his life depends on it, while his wife just stared at  her like she was surreal. But their baby was asleep.

   That made me wonder how a true family was.

  A little kid with no worries and parents who love her to death.

  That's how a family should be, that's how my family should be, but it wasn't.

"Miss Iris?" A petite nurse called me out of my thoughts.


"The doctor would see you now" and she receeded into a door, Indicating I should follow and I did.

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