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Hey everyone. I apologize for missing Friday, I know you all look forward to getting the updates on time. My internet has been down since Thursday morning, and the company just came by to set up new equipment today. I apologize that it's late, but everything is back to normal.

I know, this is the last thing we want to be reminded of. Prepare for all the feels. This was requested by @Jeon_Bias I know a few others asked for this as well but I didn't screenshot all of them knowing I had requests already. If you want to comment and let me know you requested this, I will add your @. This is basically reacting to the characters fading, and if in the movie they didn't fade, the reader fades. I probably didn't explain it well but you'll understand once you start reading. There will be a part two because someone asked for a platonic version. I hope this is what everyone wanted, and if not you can always ask me for a redo. Thank you for requesting.


(Infinity war spoilers, for those of you who still refuse to watch it lol. This preference is gender neutral).

I apologize in advance for any spelling errors. I proof read it, but not as many times as I normally would. I just wanted to hurry and get it out for you guys.


Thanos was gone, he wasn't able to stop him. He was outmatched, even with him teammates along side him. He felt defeated, useless, sitting there beaten half to death. And then everyone started fading away. It didn't him at first, watching as the people slowly started disappearing. And then it hit him all at once, being left alone on another planet, everyone was gone. His mind instantly wandered to you, wondering if you were safe, if you were alive. He couldn't get to you any faster than he did, galaxies away, but when he got home, he searched desperately for you, panic rising in his chest as his voice echoed off the walls when he called your name. He got nothing but silence in return, learning he hard truth that you too were taken from him.


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He took his losses hard, because he knew he was more capable than normal men. Not only did he loose a fight, but he lost a lot of his friends. People disappeared around him, right before his eyes, and there was nothing he could do about to. He already did all he could, fought as hard as he could, and it wasn't enough. So imagine the look on his face when he went home, only to find that you weren't there. He broke down into tears, because it was too much to handle. He had lost too much, but there was one person he knew he wouldn't survive loosing. That was you.

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