Dating Heather Duke (DukexReader)

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Now, onto the smol bean!

--She may be small, but she is mighty!

--Now, she's in the medium range of kinkiness.

--Her favorite is being a dominatrix, it's a real turn on for her!

--She isn't too affectionate in public when you two are home, she's very cuddly like she won't let you go.

"Let me go!"


--She's like Chandler in many ways, overprotective and serious about sex.

--She doesn't like to be all mushy when in front of the other Heathers

--Her favorite thing to do is hold your hand and nuzzle you, it's cute!

-- You make sure that no one says 'Shut up, Heather!'

--She's a top, surprisingly.

--Her nicknames are very simple: Babe, sweetheart, sugar buns, and little slut.

--She never forgets to text you in the morning.

"Good morning, sweetheart, love you! :3"

--For a small girl, she can really put up a fight.

--She loves to wear your baggy clothes!

--Duke will drag you everywhere in her mean-green jeep.

--To her, you mean the universe!

--The dates you two go on consist of movies, snuggling, or fucking. Heck, even all three!

--During Autumn, she loves to wear cute scarves, don't worry, she's got one for you too!

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