•"A sleepover it is." | Chandlamara•

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For whatever reason, Heather McNamara had been chosen to be the sober ride for Heather Chandler. All because she lost in a staring contest. She waited patiently in the car, checking the wing mirror on Chandler Porsche. Oh, yeah, Chandler drove them there. Honestly, they were pretty lucky Mac had a license to drive, considering how distracted she always got. But she was better at keeping her gaze on the road.

Heather looked at the time, "23:45pm." Mac read aloud, and slowly got out of the ruby red porsche to go find her drunk friend. She walked inside, and spotted her dead in the center of the room. Well, of course it was easy to spot her, she wore all red, at this point Mac had a headcannon of 'Chan just has a red kink', and sometimes she even thought that the queen was a bull. She shook her head at the thoughts and shuffled over to the red queen, "Hey, Heather, we need to motor if we're going to get you home." Mac quietly stated, before leading the giggly red girl outside, and letting her flop onto the back seat of the porsche, as she got in the driver's side.

"Chan, please put your seatbelt on." Mac asked politely as she put hers on, Chandler just pouted like a three year old who was told they couldn't have ice cream, "nO-" hic, "-wAy." The demon queen slurred her words together, hiccuping as she protested. Mac sighed. This was going to take a while.


After about twenty minutes, Chandler finally gave in and put on her seatbelt - after drunkenly missing atleast a billion times, Mac wasn't counting, but she knew when she heard the click, and started up the engine, "I-" hic, "dId It!" Chandler cheered, as Mac grinned a little. Drunk Heather was much more harmless than Sober Heather, Sober Heather would've driven atleast twice the limit.

Mac stayed quiet, afraid that Chandler would scold her, but this was Drunk Chandler, the harmless version of the stone cold bitch she came to know and...love. Yes, she admits she had a crush on the queen, but didn't practically everyone? Mac sighed, and then felt a breath on her ear, "hEy, ArE yOu OkAy, HeAtHeR?" Chandler drunkenly asked, raising a brow with a lopsided smile.

Mac shrugged, pulling into Chandler's driveway and turningnthe ignition off, before undoing her seatbelt, taking the blood red key, and helping Chandler out of the vehicle, "hEyYyYy..." Chandler slurred, leaning onto Mac, "yOu StIlL hAvEn'T-" hic, "- aNsWeReD tHe QuEsTiOn.." The red obsessed girl pointed out.

Mac nodded, "I'm fine." She replied, walkingnto the front doors and unlocking them, the Alpha Heather draped over her shoulders for support as they walked in, Mac shutting the doors behind them, locking them, and guiding the drunk Heather Chandler up to her room, after making sure she wouldn't trip on the stairs.

Mac would have to stay the night, "Of that's alright with you?" She asked the drunk girl who just lazily nodded, flopping onto her queen-sized bed, as Mac smiled brightly, "Thanks, Chan!" She cheered. Chandler had a genuine smile, not one of her bitchy, luring smiles, a real smile, "eVeN tHoUgH sObEr-" hic, "-ChAnNiE mAy Be AnNoYeD.." She mentioned, and without warning, the red girl pulled the yellow girl onto the bed with her.

Mac yelped in surprise, as Chandler was ontop of her, "yOu kNoW i'Ve AlWaYs SoRt Of lIkEd YoU.." She admitted, and Mac's jaw dropped,

Heather Chandler, The Almighty Mythic Bitch of Westerburg High...

Liked her?!

She didn't have too long to think about the question, as her thoughts jumbled together when her leader kissed her, on the lips.

'WELL, DON'T JUST STARE, KISS BACK!' Mac's inner thoughts screeched, and so she did, she melted into the kiss, that tasted of liquor, drunken desire, and cherry...Okay? Mac wrapped her arms around Chandler's neck as she sat up, bringing the yellow clad girl to sit up with a mad blush rising up her face, she could've honestly camouflaged into the other girl's blazer.

"Ch-Chan.." Mac wheezed, "I-I've had a crush on you for a wh-while now.." She admitted. 'What was the point, though? It's not like Heather Chandler would remember any of this..', Mac doubted herself, but soon felt said girl asleep on her shoulder, and damn did she look beautiful. Mac's blush seemed to have no limits, and she could swore she saw some blood come from her nose.

Now if only this'd last...


But it didn't.

Mac woke up to kissing the floor, a shocked Heather Chandler screeching while still sat on her bed. Mac was surprised she hadn't lost her hearing from that alone. Feeling the wind return to her lungs, Heather McNamara sat up, looking up at Chandler, who's expression was a combination of anger, shock, and...disappointment?

Mac then stood up, facing the red girl, who crossed her arms stiffly, "What the fuck happened, Heather?!" Chandler screeched, "You weren't supposed to stay the night, Jesus!"

Mac sighed, meeting her blazing eyes, "I... I couldn't get home, my parents are both out of the house and I... I didn't want to be alone.." She mumbled, and soon felt a warm hug from the blonde, "Sorry, I didn't mean to yell.." Chan's personality chnaged, what gives?

"Also, I remember our little kiss last night, and I would like us, to be a thing..." She grinned, as she kissed Mac once again, who smiled and kissed back.


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