Wake Me Up When You Need Me

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"Do you like anybody?" Geoff was washing the remains of the dishes from the morning rush. It was mostly mugs with tea stains and a couple of spoons here or there for stirring. Geoff had been talking Awsten up to Michaela since he started three days ago. Geoff was trying to wingman his roommate to the best of his ability because Awsten only really had two options in terms of dating right now and there was a better chance of hell freezing over than him asking Ciara out.

"I like everybody." Michaela replied coyly, handing Geoff another mug. When she had expressed a disinterest in washing dishes because of her freshly painted platinum nails, Geoff happily took over the task. She had agreed she would dry everything when he was all finished but lucky for her, he still had a ways to go.

"That's not what I mean and you know it." Geoff didn't mind washing dishes all too much. He wasn't especially good at it but for some weird reason, it relaxed him. The constant flow of water allowed his mind to wander places outside of the coffee shop and far away from Texas. He wasn't helping Awsten entirely out of the kindness of his heart; Geoff had an ulterior motive that was known by the both of them. Geoff wanted to get his life back.

"I have no idea what you're talking about." Michaela quipped, sliding another dirty dish into the sink. She wasn't how the conversation originally came up but she was regretting the subject. It was still a sore spot in the pathetic excuse that was her life. She thought back to a few days prior and remembered a conversation about Geoff's love life or rather, lack of one. She supposed he was trying to take an interest in her life. She wished he wouldn't.

"Do you ever take things seriously?" In the entire time he had known the other barista, she rarely wasn't kidding around. Geoff had a hard time figuring out when she was speaking facts or just fucking with him. Everyone else in the shop must have gotten used to reading the tone in her voice because he appeared to be the only one having issues. His underdeveloped social skills weren't exactly an asset in the situation either.

"Taking things seriously is how you get hurt." Michaela thought back to her most recent relationship. She felt a stab in her chest when she remembered how her now ex boyfriend had described her. Clingy. High maintenance. Dramatic. Expensive. Emotional. Each word like carefully curated bullets aimed at her diminishing self esteem. "I have my eye on someone."

"I need details." If Geoff was being honest, he wasn't sure he really did. He could've done without hearing her gush over Awsten or potentially someone else. He tried to put those feelings aside and continue what he had started. He was asking her for the sake of information and getting his life back. No matter how cute Awsten was, he wasn't worth risking his life for.

"I've been waiting for them to make a move for a while now." She had her eye on a boy that frequented her workplace, ordering the same thing every time. He had a thing for clothing that would look repulsive on most people but his defined arms made every piece she saw him in look incredible. His hair was long enough to play with but short enough to still look presentable. His smile never failed to brighten her day.

"Really?" Geoff felt his heart drop to his stomach, feeling the rapid beat in almost every part of his body. He was able to hear the quick thudding in the drums of his ears. He wanted to know who it was but didn't want to know at all at the same time. He wasn't sure which one he wanted more. Whatever she said was his fault either way, he asked after all. Michaela was just the messenger.

"Yeah and they just don't. It makes me feel like there's something wrong with me." Michaela wasn't usually candid about her feelings but there was something about Geoff that made her feel at ease. He was kind of like the dorky older brother she always wanted. He always gave her the best advice and told her she looked pretty even when she felt repulsive.

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