Welcome To My Special Hell

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"Is Awsten here?" The chimes above the entrance to the shop were still making noise as Geoff questioned the blonde at the counter. He wondered if anyone else ever worked at the shop besides Awsten and Ciara. He figured they must have some other coworkers besides their laid-back and slightly balding boss. He hadn't come by often enough to rule out the possibility of the other people working in the shop.

"Hi to you too Zelda." Ciara looked up from her magazine momentarily to confirm her suspicions about who had entered the flower shop. She resumed reading her copy of Vogue, cursing herself internally. She hadn't meant for her words to come out as hostile as they probably sounded. Ciara was very used to having people ignore her. She wasn't used to having any attention, which was only something that started to happen when she moved to Houston. In Burbank, she was a glow stick at a rave but here, she was a find in a thrift store.

"Hi. Sorry." Geoff was usually really polite but he had assumed Ciara wasn't one for talking based on their previous interaction. He was the type of kid that all parents fell in love with when he was in school. Geoff lifted the brown paper bag as if to explain his reason for disturbing her, disregarding the fact that she wasn't paying attention. "I'm just running him this. He forgot it."

"Sounds like Awsten." She glanced up at the boy and took a look at the bag. It wasn't like Awsten to bring a lunch to work. It must've been a new thing his boyfriend had convinced him of. When the two of them were together, they would take turns making each other lunch and eating together when business would slow down. Awsten would make the most incredible stir fry and Ciara had perfected the art of sandwich making. After the couple broke up, they both stopped having lunch.

"Is he always this forgetful?" It was proving a bit harder than Geoff had thought to get to know Awsten. It was difficult when they had different work schedules and different eating routines. On top of everything, Awsten would frequently lock himself in his room and strum away on a guitar for hours on end. Sometimes, Awsten would head right to his room after coming home. Geoff would always take it upon himself to try and make dinner, which usually resulted in a burning smell and Awsten coming to rescue his roommate. It originally started as Geoff being hungry but quickly turned into a good way to get the other boy to be social.

"Only when he's got a lot on his mind." Ciara turned the page, tired of the collection she was looking at. Calling it a collection was a bit of a stretch in her mind. You could only have so many ugly designs worn by mediocre looking people like Gigi Hadid so many times before it looked less like fashion and more like a fucking mistake. "Which is like always. His head's always going a mile a minute."

"Probably the reason he never shuts up." Geoff joked, trying to get a laugh from Ciara. He had learned from a young age that it was hard to hate someone who made them laugh. There was something about Ciara that made Geoff almost want her approval somehow. She gave off the impression that she didn't like most people and to be liked by someone like that would've made him feel special.

"As long as he's talking, he's doing okay." Ciara was looking at him again and she looked softer somehow talking about Awsten. Her voice was sweeter almost, she seemed like a mother telling a cautionary tale. He could see why Awsten would've liked her like this. Geoff wondered why she wasn't always like this. "What you gotta watch out for is when he's quiet."

"Oh yeah?" Geoff hadn't noticed the purple haired boy being silent at all since he had moved in. He doubted the other boy even knew how to keep his lips shut. It often felt like Awsten was talking to heard the sound of his own voice. Perhaps it was for the best that he kept talking. "I don't think he knows how to be quiet."

"When he's not okay, he won't say a word." Awsten was the type of person to bleed out on the sidewalk and not make a sound. He was the kind of guy that would rather suffer in silence than ask another person for help and Ciara knew that. There was a lot Ciara knew about him that Geoff didn't. It was something that came with spending time with the other person; something Geoff hadn't done a whole lot of. "It's more common than you think. Comes in waves."

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