It's Dangerous To Go Alone

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"Your boyfriend's here to come get you." Ciara's apron was a mess but that was the understatement of the century. The once white fabric looked more like a dull grey now, featuring pieces of flower stems here and here. Ciara wasn't usually the one to get messy, that was Awsten's job. Ciara usually stood at the register and let the boy do the majority of the dirty work. It mostly consisted of replenishing the flowers in the fridge and piecing together arrangements. Every so often, they would take turns doing deliveries.

"My boyfriend?" Awsten was focused on the arrangement he was trying to recreate. He looked back at the book and noticed he needed another palm leaf for the back on the right hand side. It was to compliment the tiger lilies in the tall vase. He didn't see the appeal in the piece but someone named Tony Perry must've. Confusion initially hit Awsten before he remembered his white lie; he was dating Geoff. "Oh, Geoff. Right. I forgot."

"You forgot about your boyfriend?" Ciara shot the boy an interested look but he took no notice, placing the palm in it's correct spot. She was interested on how someone who had previously crucified her for forgetting about her partner could just forget about their significant other. Awsten was being a hypocrite if you asked Ciara. It struck her as odd, even for her ex-boyfriend.

"You seem to do it all the time." Awsten quipped, eyes darting between the book and his arrangement. It looked almost exactly like the photo this time. He lifted the vase and set it down on the wrapping set up the shop had. It involved wrapping the arrangement in a plastic to keep the flowers safe from the colder temperatures.

"Awsten, can we talk about this?" Ciara had rehearsed this conversation a thousand times over. She was going to ask to talk and he was going to accept. She was going to apologize for seeing Richard behind his back. He was going to forgive her. Things could finally stop being awkward at work. They wouldn't have to avoid each other anymore. "Please?"

"There's nothing to talk about." When Awsten was done wrapping the arrangement, he looked up and skimmed the selection of ribbons they had. The flowers were white and yellow but had a soft green accent because of the palm leaves. He was looking for a color that would compliment all three of them. Awsten eventually settled on a pastel pink silk ribbon, cutting the end on an angle that rivaled the sharpness of his jawline. "You cheated on me."

"And it's been months and you aren't over it." Things weren't going according to her plan. He was supposed to agree to talk and more importantly, forgive her. If he could do that, she wouldn't need to act as cold towards the other boy anymore. She acted as if his words didn't hurt her but they effected her more than she would ever admit. Her sharp tongue were her only way of protecting herself from the hurtful things sent her way.

"I'm over it." Awsten tied the sweet colored silk in a nearly flawless bow while sinking his teeth into his taffy colored lip. He grabbed the pair of scissors he was using only moments prior to slice open the plastic and began to run the edge across the ends of the bow he had formed. Slowly, the ends curled into tiny little ringlets that reminded him of how he had imagined Goldie Locks as a child.

"Then why are you biting your lip? You only do that when you're nervous." Ciara might've acted like she didn't care about dating Awsten but that couldn't have been farther from the truth. She remembered more about that boy than anyone she had ever dated in the past. There was rarely a day that he didn't cross her mind. She couldn't look out her apartment window on garbage day without remembering how he would take really stupid selfies next to the trash cans.

"I'm not nervous." Awsten was lying. The prospect of having to talk to his ex-girlfriend about why they had broken up and more importantly, why he wasn't over it practically terrified him. Awsten would've been more comfortable telling his parents he was gay than sitting with Ciara and discussing why their relationship didn't work out. He knew it was all his fault. It didn't matter if Ciara had cheated on him. If he had been enough, she wouldn't have had to. "I just don't want to have this conversation."

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