Names Are For Friends, So I Don't Need One

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"Did she say anything about me?" Awsten had spent the last two hours anxiously waiting for Geoff to come home from his first day of work. Geoff might not have gotten a job at Common Grounds to get close to Michaela but Awsten saw it as the perfect opportunity to help him get a date with the other barista. Geoff's mind might've held the answers to a lot of questions but it didn't have the answer to the most important one. He was dying to know what Michaela thought of him.

"Interesting way to say 'Welcome home.'" Geoff's hands were full of two golden brown bags full of pastries, one of the perks of working the closing shift. Michaela was in charge of his training and she insisted that he take home the bulk of the stuff. She had mentioned she wasn't one for sweets but Geoff was given a flashback of a memory from her childhood indicating otherwise. It was the same one as before, raising a handful of questions. He left the situation alone.

"Welcome to my house." Awsten spotted the bags in his hands and pulled them out of his grasp, emptying them onto the clean counter. One of Awsten's nervous habits was cleaning. Geoff hadn't noticed that the living room was missing all of Awsten's clothing. "Did she say anything about me?" The sweets consisted of a lot of things he wasn't interested in. There was three cinnamon buns, a couple of vanilla scones, some everything bagels, a few different types of muffins and doughnuts. Two slices of lemon poppy-seed cake caught his attention along with an oatmeal cookie.

"Technically it's our apartment." Geoff shrugged off the denim jacket they picked up over the weekend and slung it over one of the chairs near the breakfast bar. He hadn't really made a plan for dinner and noticed that Awsten hadn't made anything either. Whatever. He had no problem eating dessert for dinner. "The muffins are mine. You can have whatever else you want." Geoff was kind of hoping that everything from his work was as good as the muffins. Michaela told him to microwave the cinnamon bun for twenty seconds for an out of body experience.

"Your name isn't on the lease and you aren't paying rent so technically it's mine." Awsten argued, grabbing two black plates for them. Geoff made a mental note to shoot Awsten half of his next paycheck to shut him up. The other half was going to hopefully get him a phone. "Now did she say anything about me or not?" Awsten wasn't expecting Geoff to come home with food but it was a pleasant surprise. He was planning on ordering takeout, which was something he didn't enjoy doing. He was too tired to worry about cooking.

"Who?" Geoff was more focused on the cinnamon bun going into the microwave than anything else. He kept eyeing them his entire shift, hoping that there would be a couple by the end of the night. Geoff figured it would probably take them a couple days to eat through all the food he came home with so he was glad his next night shift wasn't until Friday. He wasn't supposed to be working with Michaela that night but another barista named Dom.

"Michaela!" Awsten slid the two slices of yellow cake onto his plate and slid the cookie back in the bag it came from, hoping to have it for breakfast tomorrow. "D'you want anymore?" He didn't wait for a reply before packing the remaining sweets back into the paper bags. If Geoff wanted something else, he could sort through the stuff again. The sound of the microwave woke up the other boy from his trance.

"Oh." Geoff popped open the microwave and attempted to pick up the plate, successfully burning his finger. "Fuck." He grabbed the end of his striped shirt and used it as a makeshift oven-mitt, this time able to fish the plate out of the microwave and onto the counter. "Yeah. I think she did."

"What?" Only somewhat learning from his mistake moments ago, Geoff tore off a piece of the iced cinnamon bun and popped it into his mouth. It was undoubtedly hot but the cinnamon and sugar melting on his tongue was worth every second. Before the piece in his mouth made it's way to the back of his throat, he was already reaching for another piece of the trance inducing treat.

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