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⚠️ WARNING ⚠️ THERES HOMOPHOBIA IN THIS CHAPTER! If not comfortable please click away

Donghyuck's POV

Where am I? Why the fuck can't I open my eyes?! Come on come on Donghyuck just open your eyes. *Cough* open your *cough* rice *cough* *cough*

I can feel them twitching! Is that progress?

Almost there...


And with that my eyes shot open only to be met with a dark room with only one light, but it was flickering as if it was trying to stay awake. Relatable.

I can't feel my arms or legs and it scares me. I'm tasting a mix of blood and vomit in my mouth and my stomach hurts like hell. I can feel a bunch of scratches and bruises on my face and especially my right eye.

Looking around I see a bunch of puddles around the unsanitary floor.

When trying to move forward I noticed that I was sitting in a chair and my arms were behind my back tied up. Ankles were attached to the chair legs by a rope. Fuck

There was a bunch of shattered glass and wood. Anyone could've easily gotten hurt but in this situation it's a big help. I scoot back and it was the worst decision ever instead of being helpful.

"SHIT" left my mouth as all sorts of pain were felt on my already weak body. I cough out blood and try again but slowly. I scoot back while grunted and reached down as far as I can. When I got the glass I let out a breath of relief not caring that blood was oozing out of my skin by the fresh cut.

As soon as the sharp broken piece of glass made contact with the rope it was already starting to rip. I kept cutting and cutting until the ropes fell to the floor giving me access to freedom.

I look around once more, this time standing up. I groan and stretch a bit.

"Ha ha ha" was heard when I walked towards the door.

"Well done my slave" as well as applause. I was terrified, afraid of what might happen and what's going on. This definitely wasn't my home and it definitely wasn't any home at all.

"W-where am I" my voicebox finding sound.

"Hell" the door opened showing the red head and his sidekick bunny boy. He glared at me while walking in.

"Close the door he demanded" his friend shut the door when hearing the order.

"Who are you guys" I muttered.

"Who do you think you are to question us?" he scoffed giving me a dead look. I can feel the other pair of eyes staring into my soul feeling pity. But why?

I coughed trying to clear my throat ready to spit out a bunch of words that would get a cross shoved up my ass and down my throat, but all that came out was blood, more coughs, and even more blood. As well as an insult coming from volcano head.

"Weak pice of shit" just as he was about to come and kick my already beaten ass his friend luckily stopped him.

"Stop it Tae! How are we supposed to get him to talk when all that comes out is blood and coughs. You're only going to make it worse" he looked at me and when we made eye contact I felt as if I knew him. He looked like the little boy that went missing a few years ago... Johnny's friend.

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