Chapter 12: You Don't Need To Be Scared Of Him

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We stood in silence, my body swaying back and forth nervously. Victoria clawed at her arm in anticipation, my teeth jutted out and took my bottom lip between them. His body stayed stiff as I assumed he discussed with his wolf who I couldn't wait to see.

 If he lets me see him.

I slowly glance up, feeling the cold sweat on my forehead dripping down my bangs. His eyes were fogged over as I thought, his eyes flashing black back and forth as he fought and talked. His fist kept clenching and unclenching, his breathing ridged. Finally, his eyes returned normal, the blueish green with spots of violet filled with furry and inferno. They snapped down to my level, sending a wave of fear ripping through the quietness and sending volumes within me.

"You're. Scared of him?" I unconsciously took a step back away from him, knowing what could happen if he became to angered. My little room could be torn to shreds in seconds, and I didn't wanna be part of it. But, my action seemed to make him even angrier.

"Why are you scared of him." He snapped, making my little heart skip in terror of being ripped out.

"Because...he's done some things to me I don't like to talk about...He's an Alpha...I'm an Omega....its right for me to be scared of him..." I knew better than to look at him but I could feel his rage.

"You don't need to be scared of a weak, low life piece of shit like him ever again." He took one step forward and bumped straight into me. I stumbled but he obviously caught me, wrapping his thick arms around my torso.

"You don't need to be afraid of him because you have me. And I'll protect you with every fiber in my being." His voice was intertwined with another, higher pitched but still deep.

"You don't need to scared of him because you have the power to obliterate him, kill him and this entire pack." My eyes widen at that, staring dead into his defined chest that was now covered with a black shirt. He took in a long whiff of my scent, his body purring in satisfaction. Victoria purred back, the noise leaving my throat. His grip tightened on me, obviously liking the noise. A blush flew across my face and I screamed at Victoria, only making her chuckle.

 The first time I've ever heard her laugh. The tune was beautiful, a melody dancing across my mind. Is he gonna bring me and my wolf together, the fact we won't be Omega anymore...we'll be a Luna.

 Wow...Luna...what the hell Moon Goddess.

I'm not fit to be a Luna! I can barely take care of a pet fish let alone an ENTIRE pack!

God, I'm gonna be the worse Luna in the history of existence.

"Nikki?" I blink a couple of time and come face to face with a worried Eli. A small smile graces my lips which makes one slip to his. His body was bent in front of me due to the height difference between us.

"I'm okay," I mumble while grabbing his hand that laid on my shoulder. Lifting it, I let it fall back down to his side. His eyes sparkled at the contact but didn't mind that it fell.

"Are you tired, my Queen?" I fought the blush long and hard, but lost completely and I felt it fill my cheeks with its pinky self. His lips tightened and he blinded me with his sterling white teeth.

"Why do you call me that?" I turn and walk towards my bed, grabbing my old alarm clock and fumbling with it. Trying to get the alarm set, I didn't hear him move around my room.

"Because that's what you are. My Queen. That's what I'll treat you like. If you let me." He whispered softly down my neck and near my ear. I shivered and turned around, coming face to face with him. I tried moving back but my legs hit the small bedside table. He smirked evilly and moved closer to me, our nose's brushing.

"U-Um...." I choke on my voice and look down, trying to avoid his eyes that I get lost in way to easily. I raised my hands and placed them on his wide chest, pushing lightly. He could have easily stayed where he was but he backed away from me.

" in over my head." He chuckled after he spoke, rubbing the back of his neck and looking down. His white hair fell over his forehead and brushed his thick brows. I nod once and turn, fumbling with the clock again.

" can sleep in my bed...I'll take the couch. I won't allow an Alpha to sleep on my couch." I spoke firmly after turning around to look at him.

" really can't stop me." He said while crossing his arms over his chest. "But I thank you for the respect. But I told won't allow my mate to sleep on a couch when there is a perfectly fine bed right here that is big enough for the two of us." I looked up at him to see if he was serious, but he was. I fumbled on my words, completely awestruck he would even say that. I just met the guy like...earlier today! I mean I know he's my mate and everything but...jeez.

"Oh come's just sleeping we won't do anything else. I promise." Vikki begged like literally, she laid flat on her gut with her eyes wide and ears back.

"Vikki! Seriously?! He's still a stranger to us..." She let out a whimper, making me cave.

"Fine. Fine...." I sigh loudly and feel my eyes return to normal. I look up to see him patiently waiting while leaning on the door to my closet that didn't hold much.

"Alright...if you insist." His smile beamed brightly almost the second the four words left my very lips. "Great." He grabs the hem of his shirt and started to pull it over his head. My entire body lit aflame as I panicked. I scurried across the room and grabbed his shirt, tugging it down. His amused eyes met mine and held me to my spot, I awkwardly cleared my throat and let him go. He rose a brow as he asked what I was doing, I play with the ends of my hair as I try to form words.

"Um...maybe you should keep your shirt on." I felt my cheeks light up even at the mentioning of it. One of his hands still held his shirt up, exposing the right side of his delicious abs.

 " I that bad looking?" I looked up at him quickly with eyes full of fright. His lips turned up into a cocky smirk after he caught me totally checking him out. His eyes danced with amusement, unashamed, and excitement.

"No! You're sexy- gorgeous- um! You're very! Good lo-looking! It's just that I-"

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