Chapter Twenty-Eight: The reason why.

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Chapter Twenty-Eight: The reason why.

Tuesday afternoon.

"I have–," Chris exclaimed as he walked through George's bedroom door. An action he'd done millions of times yet this time it was different.

Lydia's eyes widened, as she sat up on the bed. Which caused George who was asleep on her shoulder, to awaken.

They were both asleep on his bed before Chris decided to barge in. How they got into that position, he doesn't know.

Chris smirked as he walked further into the room, his best friend was whipped. He knew George wouldn't invite anyone over to his house unless they meant something to him, which meant no one was over at his house.

George didn't want people knowing about the troubles at home. The constant feuds his parents had about the smallest of things, wasn't something he wanted people to see.

He never found a reason why they should know, he'd be leaving them all behind soon. They were just fragments in his life but the people he invited over, they were his foundation. The people he knew would shape the person he will become and hopefully stick beside him in life.

"Chris, please walk back outside the door and never come back in," George groaned. He laid back down on his bed, letting out an exaggerated sigh.

Shrugging Chris ignored his best friend's order and sat on his swivel chair. Looking straight at the reason why his visit was different than all the last, he smiled.

"Hi, Lydia."


Chris is such a gem. I need a best friend like him in my life, he's so darn cute.


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