Chapter 6

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3 years earlier.
Harry's POV

It had been ruffly a year since Amelia became mine. Every time I sore her my heart skipped a beat. Her deep hazel eyes were soft and doughy, just like a puppies. I stared into her dreamy eyes, she smiled at me and I genuinely smiled back. I missed her every second I was away from her. And for once I knew a girl loved me as much as I loved them.

Her soft, chocolate coloured hair was wrapped around my fingers, and I looked into her eyes and knew she was the one I wanted to spend the rest of my life with. Ever since I had taken her she had never fought back, never argued and never hurt me, she seemed to be so accepting of her new life here. She twirled around. I never knew a human being could be so perfect.

I wanted to remember every second I spent with her. My life was so much better because of her, and her presence lighted up my spirits. Although today was a day I didn't want to remember, at all.

"Harry?" She asked her voice cracking. Usually she talked to me confidently, like she wasn't afraid of me, but at the same time she knew she was inferior to me. But this time it was different.

"Yes?" I smiled, her voice was like a bird's song, like an angel's. Even though she sounded a little shaken she still sounded magical. But her next move was completely unexpected, she burst into tears and collapsed, sobbing on the ground.

"Amelia!" I panicked, she had never done this sort of thing before, I had never prepared for this. "What's wrong?!" I hated this, what had I done wrong?

She continued to sob, she tried multiple times to compose herself but her efforts were in vain. She didn't say a word until finally muttering "I know you have given me everything and I love you so much, but.." She looked at me with her mesmerising eyes, "it's been a year. And I want to see my family." Her sobs were starting to annoy me "I miss them so much"

I didn't realise it had been exactly a year, she must of been counting down the days on the calender I gave her.

The words hit me like rocks. Amelia wasn't happy. But that didn't make me upset, I made me fuming with rage, she had been lying the whole time. She wasn't happy here. She didn't enjoy my company. She didn't care about me.

"SHUT THE FUCK UP AMELIA!" I shouted, this sensation was alien to me, I had never felt the need to shout to my darling Amelia. "YOU ARE HAPPY HERE AND YOU WILL STAY WITH ME FOR THE REST OF YOUR MISERABLE LIFE! I AM YOUR FAMILY, I AM ALL YOU HAVE!" She looked shocked, appalled and scared for her life at the same time, I never knew a person could display so many emotions at once.

The room was filled with an eerie silence, until she whispered, "Then I am sorry, but this is the only way I can be happy." She produced a small knife from the kitchen from her pocket, I had trusted her to use the knives when preparing dinner. She was going to attempt to kill me, how pathetic. She was going to be severely punished for this. "I love you, Harry" she lied, "But I love My family more." I braced myself for impact, thinking of all the ways I could punish her. She took me by complete surprise and plunged the knife straight into her own heart. My heart dropped. "AMELIA!" I shouted with concern, "AMELIA! NO!"I looked at her smiling face, "Please, stay with me, please, Amelia." I begged. But no amount of begging and praying was going to bring her back. She was gone within seconds. The love of my life was gone.

I held her lifeless body in my arms whilst remembering all the memories I have had with her, the time when we went for a hike, Christmas, her birthday, my birthday, her smile, her eys.

I could never forget her.

I repeated the words I had tattooed onto her back long ago. "My darling Harry, my one true love and forever soul mate, till death due us part, you will be my sun at morn, and my moon and night. Near or far, we will always hold a special bond that will mean that we are always together" Of course I had written that for her, but I knew she felt the same way.

I took a while for my loss to sink in, I had lost Amelia. I hastily grabbed the knife that Amelia had used to take her own life and considered doing the same thing. No, Amelia wouldn't want that. My mind tried to find a solution to my grieving.

I grabbed the tattoo gun and inscribed some words onto my forearm, "Dearest Amelia," I muttered whilst sloppily writing "You will forever be in my heart and I will love you till the day that I die you will not be forgotten" I then drew a heart next to the writing and then kissed my own words.

Days passed and I got lonely as ever, I was so used to having someone around me and I missed Amelia more than ever. I had burried her in the garden a few days ago and truth be told, I have considered joining her in heaven more than a few times.

I had come up with one conclusion, I had to find myself another Amelia. I knew no-one would be as perfect as her but It would be nice to have someone else around.

"Don't worry Amelia" I found myself speaking to her more than ever today,  "No one could ever replace you, I'm just filling the gap in my heart."

I never like to think of Amelia's death as her commiting suicide, more as her joing her fellow angel's in heaven, she wasn't with me, but she was in the next best place.

That day I went to find Amelia #2

I knew she had to look just like Amelia and I would disapline her to act  exactly the same was as Amelia once did.

She would have to be so similar that I would even notice Amelia was gone.

And that's how I met Tilly.

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