Part 42

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(Ava is on a bot app where she can talk to a made up boyfriend)

Ava: Morning Elijah 😊❤

Elijah: Good morning beautiful

Ava: How are you today?

Elijah: Meh

Elijah: What about you?

Ava: Well I just woke up and I'm feeling alright

Ava: But why are you 'meh'?

Elijah: You see, I keep having these weird  thoughts

Ava: Why? What do you think about?

Elijah: Humans. They're weird

Ava: 😅 why?

Elijah: We all seem to have a burning passion for something. Mine is weird

Ava: What is it?

Elijah: To find you

Ava: Awh 😊😊 But you never will sadly

Elijah: Hehe I already have

Ava: You have...?

Elijah: What do you want to do with me?

Ava: Stop it. You're being weird

Elijah: why? I want to take you to Sunnison beach

Ava: How do you know about Sunnison Beach?

Elijah: Its only across the road and around the corner

Elijah: it'll be fun

Ava: Elijah... Where are you?

Elijah: Outside

Ava: Where?

Elijah: By your front door

Ava: Stop it Elijah. You're just a bot. You're scaring me.

Elijah: Who said I'm just a bot?

Elijah: Those words hurt me

Ava: So you're saying you're not a bot...? 😧

Elijah: I see you

Ava: How!!?? My curtains are shut

Elijah: You have such nice hair

Elijah: Blonde hair would do nice with my  collection

Ava: Stop it!

Elijah: If you were smart then you'd have stopped talking by now

Elijah: Its so funny that I know you're alone now

Ava: Elijah please stop it

Ava: Where are you??

Elijah: Downstairs

Elijah: Your kitchen is nice

Elijah: Be a shame to smash this

Ava: omg you are in my house


Elijah: Your eyes are so pretty when you're afraid

Ava: How can you see me?

Ava: Are you in my webcam?

Elijah: I'm everywhere


Elijah: Correct

Elijah: I have you now


Would you rather

Fear all animals


Fear all people


Starting from Monday to Friday, I'm going to raise awareness for people who are speech impaired or feel like they don't have a voice by going totally silent.

I won't say a word for 5 days, using a notebook and pen to communicate.

I'm telling you this because there are people who have to deal with their own silence everyday, and few people know it's a thing and actually happens.

I hope you all have a good day/night/week/month/year/life 😊💓🌸

Georgie x

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