Chapter Twenty-Seven: Truly hers.

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Chapter Twenty-Seven: Truly hers.

Tuesday afternoon.

SHE spun around on his swivel chair as he was texting Chris telling him not to come over.

Lydia was smiling, looking at the walls spinning in a haste around her. She was in George Scott's bedroom, and was spinning on his swivel chair. How she wished she had a swivel chair.

George groaned, throwing his phone down beside him on the bed, "Chris is coming over."

Lydia was confused for a second but remembered the rumours Kayla had told her. Chris Miller was George's best friend who attends the boarding school in town, the prep school Kayla called it.

She'd said that George and Chris were practically twins, which Lydia immediately told her that it was fake. To her, George was one of a kind but she was biased.

"Your best friend?" She asked, knowing the answer but asked anyway, he didn't have to know she'd done her research on him.

He nodded, "yeah, he was supposed to be coming over tonight so I could help him with his English paper but I have plans. So, he said he's coming over."

Lydia smiled, he had plans with her tonight and was even going to cancel on his best friend for her.

George shook his head at the grinning girl in front of him, "I thought you'd be more upset." Rolling her eyes playfully at him, she smiled, "either way, with or without Chris, I'm spending time with you and that's all I want to do."

He ran a hand through his hair, letting a breath, his heart was beating a million miles per hour. His heart that was now, utterly hers.


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