Chap 7: The flirting woman ( Part 1 )

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"You just destroy my payday..."-Akari complained while a bluenette is looking to a group of people. He say:"Your payday, not mine...". Akari sighed :"Whatever". Kimura ask Nagisa:"When will we go inside?". Nagisa smile with his eyes look like a devil:"Can you guys just be quite?".Yada sweat dropped:"U-Uhm...Shiota-kun..." Nagisa say:"Call me Nagisa, I don't like my last name...". Takebayashi say:"Nagisa-kun...There is a group of people are weird...They are trying to find us...".Nagisa ask:"What is the color of their clothes?". Kimura look at Takebayashi's computer, say:"White and black...". Nagisa smile:"That's okay...That is our support team...". Akari ask:"Support team?". Yada nodded:"Uhm! I have heard about it! Karasuma said all the missions we do will have 2 team. 1 team is attack team, we are in that team. And a support team!". Nagisa say:"Exactly! Okay! We are sure that we are safe now so! We can go inside now!". The whole group nodded as an agreement. They start to go to the hotel like a normal group of tourists. But then the guard stops them:"Hey, do you have the invitations?". Nagisa smile:"No". "Then you can't go inside, we don't acc-Uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuhhhhhhhrgggggggg!"-The guard can't shout because a bluenette already drugged him, he smile:"Guys, let's go!". Everyone sweat dropped and then nodded. Akari start to feel weird about Nagisa. Everything is so weird....Everything about weird...Don't like his last name? The last time she met a person like that is when she is 4 years old and the last time she met 'him' is when she 7 years old...

Flash back

"Common Akari-chan!"- Aguri-Akari's sister said. 

Akari shook her head:"Uhhhhhhrg! Noooo! I don't want stranger! Mom said stranger is dangerous!". Aguri say:"But we need help! Do you know how hard we have been through?!". Akari burst in tears:"Ahhh! I don't want to meet strangers! I want to meet our parents! Our Parents!". But then a boy with black hair and blue eyes ask her:"Sorry...My mom didn't know about your parents...". Akari's sister look at the small kid:"U-uhm...You are...?". He smile:"I am Shio-". He didn't finish his sentence but stop when he saw a pretty girl with wavy black hair tied into a ponytail, he blushed. Akari ask like a meanie:"Why do you look at me like that?". Aguri say:"Akari! Don't be like that! He asked his mom to save us!". He look at the ground, his mind is a mess. In his mind just have a sentence:

-This is the thing they call love, huh?-

Akari pout:"But!". Aguri sweat dropped :"Okay, Okay! Now, Shio-". Akari ask:"So you are Shio?". He look at her:"Eh? A-ah! No, I am Shi-". Akari sigh:"So I will just call you 'Shio' ". He look at her, confused but then smile:"Uhm! I will be your bodyguard for 3 years!". Aguri shout in confuse:"EHHHHHHH?! BODYGUARD?!". 'Shio' laugh:"Haha,...Surprised? Akari-chan. I am 4 years old too but I am special ". Akari sigh:"Whatever, 'Shio' ".

Flash back end

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