The Battle of the Airport

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Steve swung his shield at the King attacking Bucky. The Black Panther dodged it, flipping to the side.

"Stop!" Steve yelled. T'Challa delivered one last punch to Bucky's nose before turning to him. Bucky was thrown backward with the force of the blow. He hit the ground with an awful crunch. The airport was filled with the noise that Steve knew too well. War.

"He's my friend!" Steve's voice was filled with worry. T'Challa, under the Panther helmet, scowled.

"This man ran from wrongful suspicion." The Wakandan accent was still potent from behind the helmet. "Suspicion for murdering my father. He ran." Bucky lifted his head slowly.

"He was being controlled. It wasn't him!" Captain America caught his shield as it flung back to him, all stars and stripes.

"Then why did he run?" The Wakandan shot towards Steve like a bullet from one of Bucky's guns. Steve instinctively brought his shield up, the Black Panther's vibranium claws tearing down. They left five scratches down the center.

"Steve..." He heard Bucky croak; blood was pouring from his nose.

T'Challa threw kicks and punches, Steve blocking and striking where he could. The Wakandan King was to quick and elegant, punching Steve in the stomach.

"I am to capture you, Captain." the Black Panther stopped advancing suddenly. Steve kept his shield up and his eyes on Bucky. "But I can... afford to give you a head start."

Steve lowered his shield slightly. He looked at the King as if to search for a bluff. When he found none, he nodded in respect. "Thank you, Your Highness."

The Blank Panther nodded once, and bolted towards the rest of the fight, clashing with Clint and Wanda.

Steve worried for his other friends, but he ran to Bucky's side.

"Bucky, are you alright?" Steve knelt beside Bucky, who was still bleeding.

"I think so." Bucky tried to sit up, but failed.

"Oh, Buck. Let me help you." Steve slung Bucky's metal arm around his neck. He lifted them to their feet. Steve pressed his free fingers to his helmets intercom.

"Sam, I need to get Bucky outta here, but I'll fight-"

"No." came the Falcon's voice. "In order to win this battle, some of us need to lose it. Both of you, get going."

"But Sam-"

"Go, Cap." Falcon's voice was stern.

Steve sighed, knowing he was right. "Alright." and he shut off his intercom. He saw Bucky looking at him sadly.

"I'm not worth all this, Steve." Bucky hung his head, his shoulder length dark brown hair falling over his face. Steve loved the way he looked when that happened.

"No, Buck." Steve said, lifting Bucky's chin with a finger. "Your worth so much more."

Bucky looked at Steve with a longing that Steve tried to dismiss as a thanks.

"C'mon, we have to get to the QuinJet." with that, Steve helped Bucky across the airport, to the Quinn Jet's hanger.

But Steve would have been a fool to think they would get there without obstacles. Luckily, he wasn't a fool in the area of war. He kept his shield up in a protective stance. He needed to get Bucky there safely.

A missile hit Steve's shield, aimed for Bucky. Tony. Dammit, they were only seconds away from the hanger.

"Rogers, stop. You won't win this." Iron Man's helmet opened to revel Tony Stark's face. He hovered above them. "Hand over Barnes, and we can end this." Tony said this wearily, as if practiced.

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