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Dirk had been in Todd's life for about two years now. They had had they're ups and downs, of course they had, but they'd always stayed strong. No matter how many "downs" there were, and there were a lot, the ups made Todd realise how lucky he was. Dirk had tried to adjust his life to support Todd's pararibulitis and it became easier with friends. Friends that had slept over the night before this particular drama. Tina, the woman a few of the team owe their life to. Tina, an old friend. She was down from Bergsberg and Dirk offered her a place to crash with welcome arms; A luxury not often afforded to himself. They'd partied hard the night before and were currently sitting by the trademark table regretting their decisions. Granted, it was early, 6:35 type early, but both were used to morning starts. Todd, however, was definitely one to lie in...
It was fairly peaceful in the apartment until Todd was crying out. There was screaming followed by pained mutterings. Dirk leaped from his seat and Tina scrambled to her feet. They exchanged a look of 'What the-- oh..' before sprinting into Todd's room. "Todd? Todd, oh, god... Todd?" Dirk was first to see him, panic was evident in his voice and he was trying to stop Todd hurting himself. "Uuuh, quick get his meds! They should be on that table!" He was pointing the general direction but he was still unclear. "I don't know man! What am I looking for?" Tina was beginning to panic too, she just wanted to get Todd out of his pain. The screams continued. Tina had been in a position similar to his and it was most definitely not her proudest moment. "J - Just let me talk to him! I'll calm him down." She rushed from her helpless position and went to Calm Todd. The results were fairly instant (which was bitter sweet to Dirk) but it wasn't quite good enough. By blocking out the screams and the view of Todd's writhing body, Dirk had found the pill bottle and frantically attempted to open it. The floor was littered with clothes and the contents of the table as they had been thrown about in Dirk's search. The familiar click and crack of the lid was heard and "Shiiiiiit" was said in response.


Tina snapped her head around to face Dirk, Wide eyed and desperate. He stared back blankly and shook the bottle upside down to signal the emptiness. Still with an expressionless face he dropped the little orange container and leapt over to where Todd was still curled up in pain. Tina had her hands on Todd's forehead, not forcing to lay back but just checking that his struggle wasn't causing any damage. She took the opportunity between his convulsions to try and calm his mind. "Hey, buddy. Hey, hey, it's ok, you're gonna be fine." She tried her best to sound confident. "We're gonna help you. Yeah. We're gonna help you through but you've got to listen to us..." He was beginning ease up. Well it looked that way, at least. He was still in a tremendous amount of pain, but at least he had Tina and Dirk to help him. "Todd?" Tina asked tentatively while Dirk looked on in concern. "I know you can hear me, so I'm just going to ask you to think about the thing that makes you most happy." A tactic a fellow officer had used for Tina a few times. "I know it hurts, but just tell us about it..." She waited patiently as the two could tell Todd was looking for the strength.


Todd's voice was hoarse and quiet, but hearing it was a huge relief. Tina awaited his description and responded every so often with a few soothing words. This went on for only a few minutes, in fact, it could have been no more than five. Still, to Tina, Dirk and especially Todd, it felt like an eternity. Eventually, Todd had control over the attack and he just lay face up on the bed, weak from the attack. He used his remaining strength to stutter out a little "Thank you." But just the fact that he was ok was a reward in itself.

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