Five Is A Party

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"Roxie! Somebody's here for you!" Dad called from the bottom of the stairs as I coated my lips with a vague burgundy colored gloss. "I'm coming!" I announced to him while grabbing my purse and doing one last check in the mirror. I felt and looked naked without my normal jewelry and accessories on, but I looked phenomenal. I heard a deep voice coming from downstairs. "Roxie?" Dad called again. I flew downstairs and met him standing there with Jake. "I'm here." I grinned teasingly. "I'm here." I spun slowly to display my Gatsby-esque outfit for tonight's party. Jay's parties were lavish and large as were the egos that attended. Hence, Emma. "You look beautiful." My father complimented. "Don't you think, Jake?" He looked at him with his four fingers slightly dug into his front pockets with his thumbs poking out. Jake swallowed hard as if he didn't expect Dad to actually talk to him. He nodded and eyed me carefully. "She's beautiful, alright." He cracked a nervous smile that was coated in a light sigh. "I'm flattered." I blushed while I noticed Jake was in a tuxedo. "Curfew's at midnight and do not be late." Dad broke the conversation with his parenting and pointed finger. "Yes, I know." I shook my head at his subtle reference of last week's grounding. "I'll get her home by 11, if you'd like." Jake chimed. I'm guessing that getting me home an hour early would put him on my father's good side. "11:30, please, don't hurt yourself." Dad smoothed. The boy taking me to my boyfriend's party nodded and shot his brown eyes to me. "Are you ready, Roxie?" He grinned. "Always ready." I narrowed my blue eyes at him and stepped down from the bottom stair and onto his arm. "Call me if there's trouble." Dad advized and kissed my forehead. "I'll call, I'll call." I commented with a loose waving of my wrist as Jake escorted me out the door. "I love you!" My father shouted while Jake opened the passenger door to his blue Ford Fusion for me. I jokingly blew him a kiss out from the windshield of Jake's car before we pulled off to Jay's party. 


We arrived at Jay's mansion and were quickly greeted by a blustering haze of girls in sparkles and guys in suits and the glamourized used of liqour. "Where's Jay?" Jake leaned over to me. A few pairs of eyes scanned my body while I stepped out from Jake's car. "I'm not sure." I cooed. "I'll go search for him." I noted as I stepped towards my boyfriend's palace of a home. All I knew was that his parents were long gone and wealthy, so I guess his inheritance was all this and then some glory. 

I sashayed through the crowded foyer and scanned out through the backyard for my lover. "Doll!" I heard Jay's voice call for me. I turned sharply while amongst the hullabaloo, he emerged with charm licked on his lips and mystery in his eyes. He was a character that only F. Scott Fitzgerald could imagine. His hands met my lower back as we smiled foolishly at each other. "I've been hoping that you'd wander in." He kissed me sweetly. "Well, I did." I blushed. "I brought a friend." I noticed Jake looking over the crowd from the balcony. "Jake!" I called for him and motioned for him to come down. He complied and hurried over to us. "Jay, this is Jake." I smiled. "You're Tom, right?" Jay chimed. "Yes, I am." Jake nodded at the social nickname he adopted. "I hope you've treated my girl right on the drive over." My charmingly blonde lover kissed my jaw. "He met Dad and almost freaked out." I giggled. "Did not!" Jake retorted. "Did to!" I fought. "I'm sure Dad thinks you're charming." I winked. "Tom, champ, there's a bar in the house, treat yourself!" Jay offered. "Thanks, Jay." My escort nodded and left for a quick minute. "Roxie!" Somebody shrilled my name from behind. "Roxie!" I then knew it was Jess, who ran over in a tight black and gold flapper dress. She threw her arms around me as Jay broke his hold on me. "I've been looking for you everywhere!" She laughed under the light wavering of Jay's expensive liqour. "I just arrived." I smiled. Jess began jabbering on and on about how long it took her to find the perfect outfit for tonight's party. My eyes traveled around and landed on Emma in a nude-to-rose gold flapper dress. She shot me heartbroken eyes as Jay grinned lovingly at me as Jess continued on how hard it was to find a dress for her size four body. I noticed how Emma's green eyes then hardened as I tried to ignore her. "Well, I have this dress and I love it!" Jess giggled in her tipsy disposition. "Emma!" She cried for our other friend. "I want to dance." I told the man around my body. "Dance with me!" I laughed and dragged him onto the dancefloor as 1920's jazz infused pop music blared. "I love this." Jay held me close. "I love you." He confessed. Jay really wasn't a man for words, but when he was, he spoke with great eloquence and charm. His voice was warm and it was coated in a tinkling sound of life and riches. It drew me in. "I love you too." I felt a bit of blood rush into my face while he leaned in and kissed me. Many eyes had watched over our loving kiss while the song flowed through the air. "I'm enchanted by you, Jay Gatz. Utterly enchanted." I swooned. "Mr. Gatz, sir, Singer arrived." Jay's head butler, Williams, mentioned quietly. "In a minute." My boyfriend hardened. "I'll be right back, doll." Jay kissed my cheek and left a coldness in his wake. My lips unravelled a frowned sigh as I watched the man I loved get whisked away with Williams and all of their secret business. Emma watched from afar and had romance sweeping over her expression. "Didn't you come with Tom?" Jess broke my heartbroken gaze. "Yeah, I did." I looked back at her as my eyes glanced at Emma moving over to us. "Where is he? He's cute." She grinned. "I think he's by the bar." I looked behind me and spotted Jake talking to some two-penny bit thing in yellow before she was dragged away by another girl in teal. His brown optics trapped me in their golden hold as he walked over to my position. "Roxie, you're a liar!" Emma snapped. "You said you came with Jay!" She spat. "Plans change, Em." I brushed her off and quickly found myself dancing with Jake. "I'm sure you don't think  your boyfriend will mind me dancing with you." He spoke smoothly. I shook my blue head. "Not at all." I answered. "I like large parties, they're intimate. Small parties, there's no privacy." He commented with a quote from Gatsby. "Jordan Baker." I replied with the quotee's name without any connotation of her sharing the same name as the woman who bore me. "Roxie!" Emma cried my name. My head shot in her direction, stopping my dance with Jake. "Whore!" She snapped as her gaggle of wannabes laughed. "Whore?" Jake questioned. "Don't." I shook my head and blinked at him and removed myself from his arms. "Why is she calling you a whore?" He asked. I shook my head and launched my body up the balcony stairs and heard him follow. "Roxie!" He called for me. "Leave me alone, Tom!" I replied from over my shoulder as the party-goers were washed over with waves of Emma's accusations of me. "Roxie Jonas is a two timing whore!" I heard people say as I zipped passed them all and into my boyfriend's mansion. "She's so fat!" A couple more noted amongst each other. "Slut!" Some guy spat at me. "Roxie!" Jake caught up to me. "Leave me alone!" I cried and found an unlocked door in some hallway full of people. The door led into an empty bedroom. I shut the door behind me and locked it. "Roxie!" Jake called. He jiggled the handle as my heart raced in my chest. Tears fell down my face while I tried to compose myself. I looked out of the grandiose windows inside of the room and eyed the lively party. I spotted Emma and Jess trailing with the wannabes close behind as Emma moved quickly while looking up into the house. I'm positive that she was still spreading ugly rumours about me. I sat on the bed and cried harder at the thought as I wept. "She's not worth it, Tom." I heard someone say to the guy who brought me. 

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