I never really understood why every girl was so eager and ready to fall in love. I knew that it only led to heartache and self oathing. Who would subject themselves to that? And teenagers are so predicable with "love". They date someone for a few mouths, fall for them, and then the guy leaves after he gets in her pants. It's always the same routine. I vowed to never fall in love again. But does this count?


"Haley, are you ready? We're so going to be late if you don't hurry!" my best friend, Taylor Davies, shouted from the dining room. Over my time here, I've quickly adjusted to the name Haley. I've never used it anywhere else, and I figured that it worked best in this small Ohio town. Recognizing that I was wanted, I sighed and dropped my brush, letting my blonde curls spray across my shoulders and down my back. I quickly lined my emerald eyes in black, causing the golden specks to twinkle. I straightened my ruby blouse and flattened my black skirt and left my room, grabbing my black purse on the way out. Taylor handed me my heels when I joined her and I quickly slipped them on. "It's about time. I was about to leave without you. You know Brandon hates when I'm late to school because he can't give me my good morning hug," she chastised. Yeah, that's why, I thought to myself. I couldn't dare tell Taylor that her boyfriend of four months wanted her there early so he could leave the campus to see some college girl. It's like everyone knows.. Everyone except Taylor. I smiled anyway. "I'm sorry. It's just that you know that I want to catch someone's eye," I joked. Taylor knew that I don't date. I looked down at the floor as the memory played again in my mind, for the millionth time.


"Alex, stop! You know... You know that this isn't right!" I told my bethrothed, Alexander Thomas. He smiled. "Lizzy, you know that I just want to show you how much I love you," he slurred.We had just returned from an engagement party held by my parents and Alex had had a little too much to drink. I shook my head. "Alexander, no. You're drunk. You know very well that nothing will happen until our wedding night. We've discussed this enough and I won't hear another word of it," I stated, strength resonating in my voice. He sighed and I saw something new in his eyes and I couldn't put a name to it. It wasn't any normal emotion. I've seen all of those enough on him to know them through alcohol and in the dark. No, this was different. Lust, something I haven't seen before, glowing in his eyes. And despite the fact that I hadn't had a sip of wine an that Iknew without a doubt that his eyes were brown, I saw what looked to be golden spots on his eyes. I was sure of it. His eyes hardened and I opened my mouth to tell him I was leaving our home for the night to stay with my parents when his hand covered it. Slowly, his face grew nearer and nearer to my neck.I tried to scream, but couldn't. Then darkness overtook me.


"Haley? Are you okay?"

I looked up at Taylor, who had a sympathetic look on her face. I must have had tears in my eyes because she quickly wrapped her slender arms around my neck and held me, even though the tears would never fall. No matter how many times I remember I remember that night, the tears stopped falling long ago. After a moment, she let go. "You're so strong, Haley. Even through the hardest times, I've never seen you shed a tear. You know it's okay to cry sometimes," she told me. I smiled softly, thinking how hard it is not being able to tell my best friend every detail about me.

Although I had only moved to the town of Alvordton, Ohio a few months ago, it seems like Taylor had always been there. From her family taking me into their home to my first day at Hilltop High School, Taylor had been by my side. So, it was hard to keep a major secret from the one person I saw everyday.

A small voice in the back of my head vaguely reminded me that it was daytime, but not sunny- not yet at least. Despite that fact, I slipped my sunglasses on quickly and turned, walking to the car.