Bakugo Katsuki

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Written by yay-bnha on tumblr

A cheery sunny in U.A high isn't complete without lunch time~!

You scroll around the hall looking for a seat when you hear a goofy sounding voice from across the cafeteria


Who else would it be than from Kaminari? You immediately rush to the table to quiet him down

"Hey guys! Whats up?"

"Nothing its just that I saw Baku-HMPH!"

"I swear if you make me look like an idiot infront of her I will burn you to hell" Katsuki huffed into Denki's ear

"Bakugou just slipped and fell on his way over here" Kirishima finished the sentence

"What?! pfft, PFFT!" You burst into a giggling fit

Katsuki turns


"I-Im sorry its just-its just that-!" You continue to giggle

Katsuki calms down and glares at you, god, how beautiful you look when you smile

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