Chapter 23

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A spicy cocktail. A savory meal. A dessert. I still felt so foggy but it had cleared enough for voices to reach me, tastes, feelings. Where was I? I heard a voice in the background, "Yes, Viktor. She's coming round. It was a close one. Of course we're feeding her and we've already administered the antidote. It was the same as what the Templars use on bullets just diluted and injected. She should be fine. Yes I will help. I'm not sure. Yes, I'll call you in a few hours with an update." I felt a groan escape me. I felt terrible. "I think she's coming to," I heard a different voice say. The first who had been talking with Viktor responded, "Yes, she is. I can feel her mind. She can already hear us."

"Why is it taking so long? We've always healed so fast." "It's not like you can just take a bullet out and administer the antidote. The poison is in her system. It's why it's taken this long but at this point it wont be long." Nicolae? The same voice spoke close to me, "Yes, Sasha. I'm here." I felt gentle hands touching my head and then I felt him there with me, inside my mind, helping to clear the fog. Nicolae, where am I? "You're safe at the manor, Sasha." What happened, Nicolae? I heard a sigh as he worked to help my mind overcome the remainder of the drugs that clouded my mind.

"You were taken by the rogue. He used a diluted version of the poison that Templars use on their bullets. You were missing for two days." Two days? I felt the metal fog finally creep away and drew in a deep breath, at last opening my eyes. I blinked slowly. Nicolae was leaning over me, his blue eyes so caring and soft were looking back into mine. He smiled as I looked at him with recognition and his hands slid down to the sides of my face from my temples. "Welcome back," he smiled at me. He really was a vision and I couldn't stop myself from reaching out to touch his face; still unsure if this was reality or another drugged mirage.

I heard another couple of relieved sighs nearby but I couldn't look away from the beautiful man leaning over me. "How did I get here?" I asked quietly. "I had to go hunt a werewolf down to find you. You gave us all a terrible scare. Viktor has been calling nonstop as well." "Is the rogue dead, then?" "Yes, I killed him." I sighed in relief and then I smiled at him. He really was my white knight. How had I gotten so lucky? I caressed his face with my fingers as I looked at him, thinking about him. He had come for me. He had saved me when I had needed him most. I had never needed anyone like that, since the night my old master had saved me from the flames.

He smiled at me again and bent to give me a kiss, before he whispered, "I will always come for you, Sasha." He leaned up away from me then and my eyes took in where we were. I was laying on the couch in the study. My eyes landed on Peter and Drogo who were standing nearby watching me. Nicolae stood and made room for them to come be close to me. He gave a me a quick smile and slipped from the room saying, "I'll be right back." Peter kneeled near my head and Drogo sat on the couch near me, both caressing me. I smiled at them, happy to have them close to me.

"You were both there too, weren't you?" Drogo smirked at me saying, "I told you that I'd come after you if you didn't come home, Little Thing. You really think I'd just let you run off with a werewolf?" I laughed at him, smiling, and pulled him in for a kiss. I turned to Peter and laid my hand on his cheek, connecting with his emerald eyes. I kept my promise to him in that moment and let him see inside me; the fear I had felt then, the relief and love I felt now. He brushed my hair back from my face with his hands and leaned in to give me a tender, loving kiss. "I'm so glad you're safe," he said. I looked at them both and my voice was heavy with emotion as I whispered, "Thank you." I got two smiles back and I rested in the closeness of them until Nicolae returned.

Nicolae pressed his way through to pick me up in his arms saying, "Come on. You need to rest." A shriek from upstairs and the nanny was screaming at Lori again. I couldn't help laughing and rolling my eyes. "I see that hasn't changed." Nicolae laughed as he carried me down the hall. I saw Peter and Drogo slip out behind us to head up the stairs to manage the recent drama. Sounded like I was going to have to have another talk with the nanny and Lori. Nicolae chuckled again as he opened my bedroom door, shutting it behind him. I expected him to walk me over to my bed to place me there but instead he turned and walked into the bathroom with me.

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