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HYDRA had taught Laura to never feel a thing

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HYDRA had taught Laura to never feel a thing. Emotions were messy to deal with and they would come in the way of missions. So Laura didn't know what to feel after she saw the video of her parents' death. They had been killed by HYDRA, by Pierce, the man who had presented herself to be their friend. She should have noticed the signs, but she didn't.

Bucky was watching the woman with careful eyes. Ever since she had come back from buying groceries, she had been quiet which was unlike her. In the short time they had spent together, she had been the one to initiate all conversation. So her new attitude surprised him. Something must have happened when she had been away. Night had fallen and no words had been exchanged by the two.

Bucky didn't know what to say to her. He hadn't had a proper interaction with someone ever. HYDRA had not deemed it important. Yet a part of him, that part that was still good, felt concerned for her.

Laura stared blankly into space, unaware of Bucky's stare on her. Her mind was full of old memories; the memories she had long repressed but now they were returning. In fact, she was so lost that she didn't notice Bucky pull up a chair beside her and sit down next to her. She didn't even realise he was calling her till he tapped her arm. She turned around on her chair to face him.

"What?" Laura asked rather blankly. "Is there something you want?"

Bucky seemed rather hesitant. "I...you seem really different after you came back. Did something happen?"

"Nothing," Laura shook her head. "Nothing happened."


"Uh huh," Laura said. "And that's none of your concern. Now if you'll excuse me, I need to wash my face."

Abruptly, Laura got up from the bed and walked away to the bathroom, leaving Bucky to stare at her. As he got up to leave, his eyes caught sight of Laura's phone lying on her chair. It was open. For a short moment, Bucky felt like looking at it but then he shook his head. It was not right to snoop around in a lady's things. He walked to the living room and switched on the TV to watch the strange show called Friends. As much as he would hate to admit it, he had developed a strange fascination with it.


Midnight came and Laura was unable to fall asleep, the image of her parent's death still ingrained on her mind. She got up from her bed and walked out to the living room. She peered into Bucky's room and found that he was sleeping normally for once. He hadn't been hit by any nightmares as of yet, which was good.

She quietly tiptoed back to her room and took out her phone, playing the video she had seen on Rose Walter's phone first. She didn't know what to say. Death was not something that usually affected her; she had been trained that way. She had killed people and not all of the deaths she regretted. 

It was strange how the human mind could twist your thoughts around and make you see something you didn't want to. That's why HYDRA had taught her to not feel, to not think. But then again, when they were the ones to kill her parents, how could their words have stayed inside her mind.

Laura thought back to all the people she had killed; how many of them were parents, separated from their children for eternity; how many of them were children of loving parents never to see them again. She was slowly starting to hate everything about this life; everything she had built since she had become an Agent.

At least, by helping the broken man laying in the next room, she thought she was doing the right thing. He didn't deserve any of what HYDRA had thrown at him and done to him and made him too. And she was not going to let the remnants of the organization do anything further to him, even if that meant sacrificing her life for him.

Because that's what she would do.


Well, here's another chapter. This was kind of hard hitting because Laura just came to know that her parents were killed by someone she had known and trusted; and that everything HYDRA ever taught her was a lie. The reason why she said she would sacrifice herself for Bucky is because she saw how they made him suffer and she doesn't want him to go through the same thing again, now that he has his freedom.

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