Chapter Twenty-Five: A beautiful blushing Angel.

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Chapter Twenty-Five: A beautiful blushing Angel.

Tuesday morning.

LYDIA awoke in her pastel purple duvet covers, which were wrapped around her. She sighed looking at her alarm clock, she'd messed up her first date by falling asleep and now she's missed her maths test.

George laughed at the guys grumbling as they walked out of the maths exam. It was a percentage of their grade yet, Lydia wasn't there to take it and the majority of the class was hungover.

"Man, my head is killing me," he mocked which earned him a few shoves by the guys around him. She ran down the school corridor while tying her hair in a ponytail, she never liked it down in school.

She was stressed, to say the least. She'd missed an important maths exam and had to go apologise to George because she probably drooled on his shoulder last night.

George sat down in history, taking a seat beside Tanner, who was the only player of the team who was drinking last night, along with him.

"How'd the date go?" Tanner smiled as the teacher walked into the classroom but the girl at the doorway caught his eye.

Lydia stood in the door of Mr James' history class, trying not to run up to George and ask him to forget all about last night. Well, at least until the part where she fell asleep on him.

Following his friend's line of sight, George looked at the doorway to see a beautiful Angel standing there, blushing as their eyes locked.


I'm actually in love with AJ Mitchell's voice.

KateAnnee :)

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