Intro: A/N by Yours Truly

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Hey guys, welcome back to Curse of Freddy's!

Here we are, second book. Heh, Purple Curse took at least three months to finish! Thank you all loyal readers and friends who have read Purple Curse. <3

Alright, so I'll tell you a few new stuff in here.

Actually, you don't really need to read Purple Curse to understand this story, but I recommend you do so.

Fun fact: The title "Strings of Life" was inspired by Trickywi's "Painted Faces" song above! It fits perfectly in my opinion, y'know?

In this book, I'll have some POV (Point Of View) changes in some chapters, and some random sentences before each chapter.

Because experimenting is fun. :3

In this story, we'll be focusing more on the missing children's life, and that includes Chris, but expect to see William or Michael parts every now and then ;)

This book will be really long, actually, because there's so much to cover up in here! Hopefully I'll be able to finish without leaving the fandom first xD

Well, I guess that's everything I wanted to say, so let's move on now, shall we?

Hope you enjoy the book!
~Flurry away!

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