Chapter Fifteen: Stupid Girl

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                Adam came to pick me up exactly on time. I stepped into his car and smiled. He was wearing a blue shirt that made his eyes pop and Khaki shorts.  

                It had taken me half an hour to pick out what I was wearing, and I ended up settling on a pair of white shorts and a navy blue tank top that had a butterfly on the side, leaving my room in a total disaster. It was one of my favourite shirts that I had. Though I was defiantly not a shopper, when it came to going places I wanted to go, I was very finicky picking out the perfect outfit.

                “Hi” I said shyly.  I’d never been good talking to boys that were more than friends. If I was just friends with them it was one thing, but once I started to like them, I felt like I couldn’t breathe around them anymore. And this was my first official date. Sure, I’d gone out with some of the guys from the swim team after practice, but those didn't count because they all ended up being just a date as friends, and never anything else.

“Hey Ellie” he said smiling “nice seeing you again”

“And you” I told him “and again, sorry about yesterday.”

“no worries” he replied, pulling out of the Blake’s driveway “I’m sure if I caught my little sister kissing someone I’d be pretty pissed.”

I laughed. In all honestly, I really wasn’t going to go see Adam again. I just wanted to make Blake jealous by being seen with another guy. But after last nights ‘episode’, when Adam texted me this morning, I had no doubt in my mind that I wasn’t going to go on a date with him. I kind of felt bad, but at the same time, I wasn’t really hurting anyone by going on a date with Adam, maybe Blake was a little pissed because he obviously didn't like Adam very much, but other than that no one was getting hurt.

I had found it weird that I’d never been kissed until that Friday night when Blake kissed me in my backyard, and now, not even a week later, I had already kissed a second boy and was going on my first official date. When Rachel comes back from camp and I’m finally able to text her, she’s going to be shocked. This defiantly wasn’t the usual Ellie behaviour; this was her kind of behaviour. It was hard getting dates when your best friend was gorgeous, but I didn't mind, I had swimming to worry about anyways. Unlike Rachel, dating wasn’t a top priority on my list of things to do.

The drive to the movies wasn’t far, and the theater was small, with very few cars parked in front, meaning that the theater was going to be practically empty. Adam pulled into the parking lot and we got out.

“Do you want anything?” he asked me when we were in line to get our tickets to the movie. I shook my head. Though I was dying for some movie theatre popcorn and a pack of Twizzlers, I didn't want him buying anything besides the movie ticket for me.

“Come on” he said “I can’t take a pretty girl to the movies without getting her anything. That would be rude”

I smiled. “Maybe a pack of Twizzlers then”

We walked over to the concession stand where he bought my Twizzlers and some buttered popcorn for himself. He was being so nice to me. I couldn’t understand why Blake was saying that he was a player. I would be able to tell if he was a player, and Adam was way too nice to be a player.

There were only a few people in the theatre we were in and Adam led me to the back row of the theatre. The large popcorn that he bought for himself ended up sitting in between us before the movie started, because I kept mooching off of it.

The movie started and I watched, though I really want interested in watching some old action movies from the nineties that I didn't even know the name of.

About ten minutes into the movie, I felt a hand on my thigh. It made me uncomfortable, but I didn't say anything. I didn't want to be rude or spoil the movie for the three other people that were in the theatre. I wanted to tell him to move it, but at the same time he wasn’t doing anything that was wrong. After another five minutes, he moved it further up my leg. That’s when I shifted over in my seat.

“What’s wrong?” he whispered. “I thought you liked me”

“I do” I whispered back. He smiled “good.”

He grabbed my face gently and pulled me closer; as his other hand stroked my leg he kissed me. I wasn’t ready for this, but I didn't stop him. I didn't want to get into an argument in the theatre. His hand moved up my thigh and soon he was at the top of my thigh.

“Stop” I whispered to him. But he just put a finger to my mouth and reaches for the button on my pants.

“Don’t touch me” I said to him, though this time I spoke a little louder. He smiled again at me. Suddenly, I was scared. I regretted going on a date with him.

“Baby” he said “there’s a thousand girls like you who would love to be with me, but I want to be with you”

“No” I said to him “you don’t want me. Blake was right about you”

I ran out of the theatre and out of the building. I was so stupid. I should’ve listened to Blake.  I’m only fifteen! Why would he even try something on someone like me I pulled out my phone and started to dial his number. God. He probably was just going to laugh in my face saying ‘I told you so.’ But I didn't care at this point. I needed him to get me the hell away from Adam.

“You know, that was very disrespectful” I turned around to see Adam right behind me.

“Leave me alone.” I told him. I started to walk away, but he grabbed my arm.

“Where the hell do you think you’re going?” he pinned my arms above my head against the wall so I couldn’t move. With his other hand he started to take off my shirt. As if on instinct, I kneed him right in the gentiles. He fell to the ground and I started running. I didn't know where I was going, but I kept running. I needed to get as far away from that theatre as possible. I kept running until the movie theatre was out of sight. Thank god I took track, and I was able to sprint for a good half hour, before I breathe and fell to the ground crying.

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