He Gets Mad At You P.2- Zane

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Zane looked in sadness at his falcon, one of the only things he had left of your guys father.

Zane immediately got to work fixing it as best as he could. Meanwhile, you were desperately trying to find a way you could make it up to Zane.

You knew how much it meant to him and you just wanted to make things right. So, you decided to make sure Zane had the time he would need to fix the falcon perfectly, starting with the chores.

You started with the laundry, everyone's laundry. Man, who knew that dirty clothes could smell like the inside of a septic tank. You quickly tossed the clothes in and started the cycle before setting off to the next chore.

Next, was cleaning up the training room after everyone had finished for the day. "I hope he'll forgive me.." You said to yourself and put all the weapons and training equipment away.

After that was all done, dinner was to be made. You decided to make the only thing you could make well. Thai coconut curry noodle bowls.

So, you made enough for everyone and set dinner on the table as you let out a yawn

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So, you made enough for everyone and set dinner on the table as you let out a yawn.

Once you served the others and laid down on the couch and ended up falling asleep.

Zane sighs as he finally finished fixing the falcon. "There all done, we'll test you in the morni...." He quickly looked at the time and gasped. "Oh no!! It's ten pm!?" He said and quickly headed to the laundry room to start the chores.

But, when he got there all the laundry had been done. "What..?" He asked confused and then headed to the training room.

There again he found all the chores done! And when he went to the kitchen, he saw the dinner dishes in the sink. "Who..." He asked as he heard soft snores came from the living room.

When Zane saw you fast asleep on the couch, completely worn out, he realized what had happen. He knew all to well.

He sighs and sat down pulling you close to him like he would do when you were little. Zane kissed your forehead and rubbed your back. "Forgive me Y/N, I put things before you. You mean the world to me...."

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