He Gets Mad At You P.2- Jay

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Jay was in shock when you stomped out of the room, you wouldn't ever say something like that unless it was true, or you were just mad.

He decided to check over the scans of his invention before he had last the room. Turns out, his calibration was off, which caused it to fail.

Jay felt absolutely horrible that he blamed you for no reason!

You were currently in your room, crying. Why did he jump to control like that?

He should have known that you would never do anything like that to any of his inventions.

You wiped your eyes as a knock was heard and then your door opened. "Sis I am so so so so so so so sorry!!! I'm an idiot!!! Please forgive me!!!" Jay sobbed as he hugged you tight.

You were a little shocked but hugged back. "I'm sorry to Jay, I should have been more careful..'

Jay looked at you with tears in his eyes. "No! It was my fault...I didn't calibrate it correctly.." He admitted.

You smiled a bit at him, doing that, for Jay that was a difficult thing to do. But, your his sister and he loves you more than anything.

"I forgive you bro..."

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