"Just hurry up and get to the office. I told them you'd be there by 8:30."

"You've got to be kidding me?" I said standing up frustrated.

"Get your ass to the office now Nicolai!" He said as he hung up.

I groaned and threw my phone across the room and back onto my bed, I walked into my bathroom and climbed into the shower-the water was cold but it felt good, than I stepped out brushed my teeth and combed back my hair.

As I finished getting ready-I grabbed a long sleeved white collared shirt and black suit pants.

I sprayed cologne on myself and hurried down the steps of my penthouse towards my kitchen, as I took a seat and ate the toast and eggs Fredrick had made for me.

"Thanks Fred, I appreciate it." I said giving him a nod as well as Maxwell.

"Have a good day sir." said Max.

"Likewise" I said as I hurried downstairs to meet my driver.

I climbed into my black BMW and took a seat in the back.

"How are you today Mr. Piercy?" asked my driver Gerard.

"I'm fine thank you"

"Good to hear, where will I be taking you today sir?" he asked

"The company office." I said staring out the window.

"Very good." he said as he started down the street.

I fiddled on my phone as I scrolled through twitter.

That's when I realized my brother's name was a trending topic.

I rested my head back and shut my eyes as I began to think of what he could've possibly done this time to get himself so much wide spread attention.

I began to scroll through the tweets, most of the tweets from gossip columnists and slews of other reporters.

One tweet particularly caught my attention.

'Youngest son of billionaire Robert Piercy, Elias Piercy was spotted getting into a fight with friend of alleged girlfriend and super model Larissa Moss outside a club in Manhattan.'

I pursed my lips at the tweet. A large part of me wasn't surprised by it.

I clicked on the article to read more.

'Elias Piercy, 22 was last seen in a fight outside of a club in Manhattan late Thursday night.

The fight was said to have been over Piercy's rumored super model girlfriend Larissa Moss.

The two were seen leaving the club when a friend of Moss approached Piercy and started yelling.

By standers say "it was unclear as to what the two men were fighting over but it seemed it might have had to do with Piercy's date of the evening."

There was said to be pushing and shoving and punches being thrown before the clubs security broke them up and Piercy walked off without his rumored plus one following behind.'

I ran my hand over my face in aggravation.

"We are here sir." a voice said, I looked out the window to see the tall shiny silver glass nine story office building next to me.

"Oh, of course. Thank you Gerard!" I said as I handed him a twenty and got out of the car.

I straightened my shirt and began inside.

"Hello Mr. Piercy." said the voice of a twenty-something hot red head receptionist in the front of the office.

I nodded as I walked towards the elevator and got in.

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